Needed: Roving Logistics Coordinator

Country: Ethiopia
Department: Logistics


Essential Job Duties/Scope of Work:


The Roving Logistics Coordinator coordinates and provides support to country programs within assigned portfolio. S/He promotes and implements Global Logistics and Supply Chains department strategies, tools and policies in compliance with International Medical Corps and donors' policies and procedures.

S/He deploys based on prioritization set by the Regional Coordination team and works with country management and logistics teams to design and implement improvement plans, procurement plans, blanket purchase agreements, build the capacity of in-country teams and enhance the effectiveness and the compliance of the Logistic and Supply Chain activities.

The Roving Logistics Coordinator anticipates and works at minimizing risks related to logistics staff gaps and takes active role in Emergency responses within or outside the region.

When deployed to the country program, the Roving Logistics Coordinator reports to the Country Director. For this assignment, the Roving Logistics Coordinator specifically deploys to Ethiopia.

When not deployed to a country program the Roving Logistics Coordinator reports to the Regional Logistics Coordinator.


Technical support and continuous improvement, effectiveness and compliance

Responsible for providing technical oversight and support to countries within assigned portfolio to ensure implementation of logistics, procurement and supply chain activities in full compliance with the organizations policies and procedures, donors' regulations and local laws.

Maintain dynamic coordination with HQ Regional Operations, Finance, Audit, and Compliance to anticipate/identify gaps, bottlenecks, risks and participate to the development/ implementation of mitigation/corrective strategies/actions.

Coordinates the development of improvement plans, conduction of technical visits, spot interventions, surge support and capacity building actions. Manages the staff and budget resources allocated in optimal way.

Provide support to the senior country management team by reviewing management responses pertaining to Logistics and Supply Chain as well as the design and implementation of required corrective measures; Internal / external Audit (Finance, Operations, Technical Unit). Build capacity of relevant logistics staff to implement those corrective measures.

Ensure correct implementation of standard reporting system across country programs, review reports, boards of indicators and KPIs. Provide feedback and ensure country team is aware and provides solutions to issues reported.

Improving Supply Chain Management

Work with country logistics and program teams to develop and maintain supply chain maps. Conduct controls and stress tests on Supply Chain to determine weaknesses.

Works with Global Supply Chain advisor to analyze, identify potential areas of improvement (economy/effectiveness/quality) and works with country teams on action plans.

Implement Key Performance Indicators to monitor supply chain effectiveness, document economy and Value for Money (VfM), measure impact.

Regional focal point for the review and validation of project procurement plans and BoQs; verifies supply chain design and sufficient funding. Delivers training on procurement planning to ensure implementation as part of standard project managers' tool Kit.

Identify procurement synergies at country and regional level and works with country teams at designing regional procurement strategy with quality, VfM and improved compliance objectives.

Focal point for the implementation of DELTEK Procurement, Warehouse & Asset management modules. Works with HQ teams to plan, facilitate, manage resources and monitor the effective implementation of the DELTEK Enterprise Resource Planning modules.

Focal point for the roll out of improved procurement tools. Works with country project and procurement teams to plan, facilitate, and monitor the effective implementation of Procurement planning process, Blanket Purchase Agreements, Procurement Piloting Tool...
Leads the implementation of additional improved logistics, supply chain or equipment management systems. Remain abreast of initiatives within other NGOs and private sector and proposes improvement opportunities/new systems when available.

Build and promote International Medical Corps' image as leader in Medical Humanitarian Supply Chain management. This includes the design of fit-for-purpose and cost-effective supply chains, the deployment and management of appropriate number and quality of human resources, the implementation of relevant tools and business processes in compliance with organization and donors' policies and procedures. S/He will participate to emergency responses as required.

Design of fit-for-purpose and cost-effective supply chains, the deployment and management of appropriate number and quality of human resources, the implementation of relevant tools and business processes in compliance with organization and donors' policies and procedures.

Deliver on-site Logistics & Supply Chain support to in-country operations

Participate to the development, testing and implementation of Roving Logistics Coordinators' support packages, coordinate lessons learnt with other RLCs and ensure continuous progress toward improving tools and methodologies.

Provide Logistics support to the various International Medical Corps projects in the region through deployment of resources or remote support.

Conduct assessments, support start up or closure of country programs or project sites ensuring implementation of standard Logistics processes and minimization of financial liabilities.

Participate in the preparation of project proposals, provide technical input on supply chain, appropriate staffing structure and procurement planning. Assist in subsequent pipeline execution, as appropriate.
Gap-fill Logistics Coordinator or other Senior Logistics Staff positions as required; implement logistics management systems according to International Medical Corps Logistics Guidelines and take leading role in matters pertaining to logistics planning, international and local procurement, tendering, contracting, commodities tracking, import/export/re-export, cargo receipt, warehousing and stock management, transport (international and in-country), vehicle fleet management and asset management and maintenance, support to program team with goods prepositioning for distribution, mandatory reporting and activities documenting, proper logistics set up of new sites or closure of sites when project activities end, mandatory reporting, acquisition of equipment according to the project budget lines and organizing maintaining and developing a proper asset and inventory control and tracking system.

Logistic support to Emergency Response Operations:

Take active participation in International Medical Corps Emergency Responses in assigned role. Remain flexible to answer/re-deploy in timely fashion.

Undertake thorough assessments of infrastructure and logistics parameters in emergency situations (airports, trucking fleets, warehousing, access routes etc.) to enable operation take logistics-informed decisions.

Monitor and report any relevant changes in post-emergency period that may influence intervention strategies.

Manage the supply chain on medical, non-food, food and other commodities as well as information management (incoming pipelines, stock reports, and commodities movement report) to ensure program staff remains well-informed and well-prepared for incoming pipeline and related schedule.

Ensure rapid identification of in-country consignee when International Medical Corps is not registered in country.

Manage all commodity movements, including secure warehousing, inventories, delivery and distribution facilitation supported with appropriate evidences and reports on commodity movements, identify and overcome bottlenecks to ensure uninterrupted supply of emergency relief operations.

Ensure active participation in Emergency Response forum with priority on Logistics Cluster.

Submit ERT logistics reports based on agreed schedule to in-country management team and HQ logistics pursuant to
International Medical Corps Logistics Guidelines.

Coordinate with Logistics Cluster or other coordinating mechanisms for interagency logistics or procurement coordination (where applicable), donors, local government, project partners, UN agencies and other non-governmental organizations in order to plan, organize, and schedule distribution of International Medical Corps commodities on a regular basis as programmed, as well as to ensure adequate information sharing and address common concerns/problems and seek solutions.

In coordination with responsible program staff assist end-use monitors to verify that distribution related dispatches of stocks have occurred according to the intentions and plans of the donors, International Medical Corps, and project partners.

Negotiate and verify adherence to conditions and terms of the commodity transport contracts in consultation with International Medical Corps HQ logistics department, ensure adequate transport means are engaged and review transport related documentation to ensure no exposure for the organization.

Locate and negotiate terms for adequate warehousing with security well-maintained, and meet basic safety and health requirements.

In absence of dedicated technical staff supervise small scale construction projects (where required).

Human Resources and Capacity building

In close collaboration with Country Directors, take active role in developing country logistics HR strategies and organizational structures in line with standard structures.

Participate in the recruitment and selection of qualified logistics field staff (national and international), where necessary do induction training, recommend promotions, disciplinary action and termination of staff in consultation with Country Director.

Support recruitment and performance management of senior country logistics personnel.Provide assessment and reports of the job performance evaluations of logistics staff members as necessary. Is the focal point for correct onboarding of Logistics and non-logistics staff within acceptable time-period.

Works with Logistics and non-logistics staff to deliver face-to-face and online trainings on relevant procedures and systems related to logistics and procurement.

Make frequent site visits to facilities to ensure that appropriate care and training are being conducted and to offer support to logistics staff. Identify training gaps and coordinate with HQ responsible for logistics and procurement training to develop/deliver specific topics.

Maintain open lines of communications with all field staff.

Advocate and plan for capacity building to Budget Holders/Project Managers in regard to the ownership and management of relevant procurement and supply chain tools.

Compliance & best practices

Committed to fraud detection, risk reduction and fraud reporting, ensure compliance with IMC policies and procedures, donor regulations and local laws.

Ensure procurement, transfers and disposals of commodities and software that are subject to Export Compliance are in line with applicable licenses or need new licenses and related actions are properly documented.
Ensure that vendor due diligence actions are carried out (and documented) as per required procedures including vendor registration, vendor performance, price/vendor information shared among NGOs, market surveys conducted regularly. Conduct physical verification as required.
Work with Finance, Compliance and audit focal points to assess compliance with internal controls and required procurement documentation. Conduct verification of Procurement Inspection check list and ensure that risks associated to procurement are evaluated regularly and plans are developed to tackle those. Review procurement documentation, internal and external audit reports to detect procurement related risks. Work with country teams to implement corrective measures.

Work with Senior Health Advisor, Pharmaceuticals and review Warehouse Inspection check List to ensure that risks associated to warehouse management are highlighted and plans developed to tackle those. Conducts spot check and control evidence verifications as required.

Work with Program Audit Unit team to assess implementation of supply chain and procurement planning procedures for existing and future projects, report gaps and propose corrective measures.

Working Relationships

Works under direct supervision of the Country Director when deployed to specific country office.

Maintain frequent communication with the various country directors, Regional coordinator/director, Finance and Audit regional teams and other Global logistics personnel to ensure logistics activities progress is communicated and any issues properly addressed.

Work with in-country logistics and procurement staff to ensure the coordination and communication of International Medical Corps logistics and procurement support activities.


Represent International Medical Corps to government officials, Logistics Cluster, NGO Forums for logistics and Procurement vendors, shipping and clearing agents, transport companies, and partner representatives in a positive and professional manner.

Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of International Medical Corps' mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.


Ensure application and compliance of security protocols and policies as delegated.

Comply with security and safety procedures, as applicable to the specific location.

Reporting requirements

Regional Supply Chain monthly analysis report

Regional Compliance Analysis report (Warehouse, Procurement, Logistics)

Country specific improvement plans including staffing, supply chain, compliance, procurement.



Extensive experience (7 to 10 years) in humanitarian logistics management within the field of supply chain management (procurement, tendering, contracting, clearance, transport, warehousing, etc.), fleet management and asset management, distribution support

Proven record on the ability and experience of the management of country logistics and supply chain at a senior level. Regional experience is a plus.

Academic degree in logistics or relevant field (desired). Certification in Humanitarian Logistics Supply Chain (desired if no academic degree).

Experience with donor specific procedures related to logistics and supply chain.

Management of budgets and ability to prepare timely, complete and accurate reports

Ability to conduct training workshops in all areas of logistics for national and international staff (suitable to staff knowledge level).

Commitment and demonstrated skills to build national staff capacity in the areas of logistics management, supervision and monitoring.

Strong organizational and problem-solving skills with analytic approach.

Strong interpersonal, management and leadership skills.

Experience in remote management.

Ability to work in a participatory manner with staff to assess needs, implement and monitor activities.

Ability to integrate and work well within a multiethnic and multicultural team.

Ability to work in harsh conditions, often in remote areas.

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