‘Good governance has become a casualty’


Good governance was a fundamental and basic right contemplated under the Constitution and can be provided by public servants if they realise their duty to the people and not think of themselves as masters.


“Good governance requires foresight and master planning. In a democracy, people get the government they deserve. I do not believe in it. In a democracy many changes can be achieved if people fight for it collectively. According to me, good governance is our fundamental right. A collective voice for this will have its own effect. No doubt, eternal vigilance is the price one has to pay in democracy and that eternal vigilance should be a collective one,”


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While certainly it is the responsibility of the government to monitor the public enacting what is necessary for the highest common good. It likewise the responsibility of the people to monitor the government enforcing the purpose of position that indeed actions be enacted only for the fulfillment of that which is for the highest good of the nation as a whole.

My best advice become actively fore aware. A nation by the people for the people requires that it's people are aware and active in it's processes.

Of the many things I do is in the role of Sentinel with Heritage for action. The Heritage Sentinel program from the onset, was designed to work above the heads of Congress directly with the people. helping to ensure that it is no longer politically profitable to by intention enact that which they already know is not in the best interest of its people or this Nation.

Part of the rate that we do this is by being actively aware of pending legislation before it becomes part of law. Secondly we become aware of the rolls and actions of our Congressional senators and representatives in our local areas. So that whenever it becomes apparent that they themselves or by turning a blind eye are not representing the best interest of this nation and people. We are able as constituents under their representation hold them accountable before the public for their actions.

Well they're always going to be incident in time that some of us face the ramifications of those in positions of authority that are themselves unjust. And I certainly am one that is currently experiencing this. When that occurs it is very unfortunate indeed, for in the moment it is not the one suffering such that is able to correct it. And must then count on others who may or may not effectively resolve.

However in general it must be said, that we each individually in addition to the above must be actively aware of the law. Otherwise in general without knowing the law you cannot use it in support or help to you they can only be used against you.

If we each begin to step up to follow our ancestors role to be the power of the people then we must learn to be the voice of the people. To be by the people for the people, the people must find your voice.

Erin M Nelson

Let me also add one more thing which is that while the United States pushes the concept of democracy. We in fact are not a democracy we are a republic.

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Good governance is fundamental at international, national and regional, but also at local level, in companies, schools and charitable organisations. And, we all have a part to play in that, so my article focusses on practical steps that we can all take to do so.

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Thank you all for engaging in this "governance" discussion. Great debate indeed. My concepts on governance are more specific to nonprofit and humanitarian organization activities rather than democracy sector activities.  Governing the activities of a nonprofit, for me, is more directly aligned with assuring that the mission is met with material realities. As part of my humanitarian journey, I was sent into multiple field/mission operations to see "what was really happening."  So many organizations had two realities 1) home office understandings and 2) field/mission realities. I saw a lot of mishandling of funds, foolish mistakes, and some outright scandalous situations.   What was missing in most of the situations was "governance". 

So many nonprofits and mission-based projects were being run by people with great big hearts, yet limited governance capabilities. Both assets are needed in any successful humanitarian outreach/project, however, to find both in the leadership was scarce. 

The home office organization must focus on preparing its field/mission leadership for "governance-intervention" and begin teaching the troops to "color between the lines."


To realize the goals of good governance viz. People's participation in system or scheme of governance ( becoming a member of any social organisation's or interest and pressure group or welfare organization or by becoming a part of bureaucracy and government at national , regional or local levels. )
It has been emphasized almost unanimously that governance has to be based on the principle of accountability of those who are responsible for it.
In modern times, good governance implies enlightened citizenship as well as accountable and constitutional government. Good governance is also a key developmental concept today. The debate only relates to the question of how to bring about development. It is a concept that is inclusive and positive in nature. It is inclusive in so far as it aims at involvement of people in process of development. Thus development is not merely people oriented but people centred. It is positive to the extent of building up new level of skills, knowledge and support for development.

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And part of the home organisation's systems should be an assurance framework that covers all key areas in each delivery country.  Factors to be borne in mind include what the key risk issues are in-country, any differing cultural norms, in-country and international laws (eg FATF), and an understanding of to what extent home country laws may be applicable to the home organisation for activities in-country.  For example, the UK anti-bribery laws.  In India taking a bribe is illegal, but offering one is not, but the UK law applies globally.  If the UK organisation knowingly allows bribes to be offered in-country, whilst not illegal in-country, the UK staff would be guilty of a criminal offence, potentially punishable by up to 5 years in jail.    

Governance is a system that navigates a community, Nation or sect, according to its contemporary needs. For a good governance, we need changes in system according to our contemporary needs. For the changes that we need for the good governance, can be made only through the academic resources, that can bring changes in human perception to promote the basis for good governance in actual fact. 



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