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The AllHumanity Team is a unique group of passionate professionals with both an eye on humanitarian commerce and sustainable result driven direct impact. Each team member has a proven track record of accomplishments which are coupled with expansive visionary thinking.

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate with the globalization of multiple industries which directly effects the world economies. As economies struggle to embrace the rapidly changing commerce needs, at times, they overlook the needs of people, such as poverty, proper medical care, proper housing, access to information and all of the 17 SDGs. AllHumanity Group and its AllHumanity Network are helping organizations, businesses, people and nonprofits, charities, NGOs to understand the world of humanitarian commerce and translating SDG compliance and regulation guidelines into standards that meet two fundamental impact points:

1) Are organizations, businesses and global enterprises growing their own commercial footprint in line with available humanitarian core standards? and,

2) Are the humanitarian sector participants and its nonprofits, charities, NGOs, UN agencies, international relief, disaster relief and faith-based, as well as, secular players fully utilizing the knowledge, competencies and available tools to best align the unprecedented growth with the unprecedented needs as outlined in the SDGs and other global impact documents?

Our team is growing and evolving hourly as we connect at the nexus of AllHumanity.



Robert Cipriano
Chief Executive Officer
The AllHumanity Group


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A beautiful exposition indeed!

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel

Great ! But we are missing something that is very important for our AllHumanity Group.

     Commercial growth can lead the world to prosperity, not to peace that's the basis for the all humanity in actual fact.

        Presently, the achievements of scientific insight are resurrecting beyond the process of Nature, and the graces of spirituality are descending to a dangerous abyss.

Even it's the time to reveal the true facts that the definitions of all the leading world religions are based on their contemporary needs, to help human being to evolve under Natural process on basis of peace and solidarity, not to obtain the narcissus and terrestrial bliss among the rot of massacre.







Ajay, I personally believe more will be accomplished through positive action rather than merely citing discontent. What can you think of to be a positive influence in the challenges you have cited?

Thanks Mr. Robert Reid,


I am asking for a positive action, that is essential for the success of the great visions of our All humanity Group. It is only a matter of understanding, please let me have your personal e-mail ID, it will help me to clarify all in detail. Trust me, i believe on positive action, rather than merely citing discontents, its really a waste of our valuable time.


I believe for our success , even we will have to pay our attention regarding the issues for   peace and solidarity. Without peace and solidarity, it is impossible for the world community to pay devout attention to addressing poverty and pandemics. Today war, violence, and political collisions are the real cause of poverty. Economic differences and the disagreements between natural and academic sources are not only the obstacles for a global community struggling against poverty.


At the forefront, the world community is baffled by the means to prevent global warming. On the other hand, we have developed weapons of mass destruction that could destroy the world beyond our imaginations. Thus, without peace and solidarity, any attempts to solve all issues relating to poverty and global warming constitute a political business in actual fact.


Thanks for the time and review. looking forward for your kind response


Sincerely Yours

Ajay Singh

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