How do we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through our actions?

The year was 1963 when Dr. King first delivered his "I have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. One of the most frequently quoted excerpts of his speech still resonates today and ties to challenges beyond the United States of America..."I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,"...

There are many questions and debates that have emerged over the decades since that gripping speech was first delivered. Yet, I believe the essential question starts with one's self. I choose to look into a mirror and challenge what I have done and what I can do now and into the future to be an advocate of advancing Dr. King's dream. Anyone can raise an argument about what character is and who is qualified to "judge" character of another. I suggest you start with that person looking back at you in the mirror and proceed from there with a genuine interest in serving the needs of others coupled with a genuine interest to "listen" and strive for understanding of what others have experienced and what they are currently challenged with. The third is to determine how to work together for solutions that go beyond the immediate.

Dr. King had many great speeches and teachings throughout his life. I believe one way to honor him is to pay more attention to the essence of his teachings and his movement to advance solutions applicable to today and the environment around you. 

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Thanks for posting this thoughtful and spot on message. Martin Luther King, Jr. said . . . "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools". Akin to your message . . . yes, it starts by looking in the mirror and does not stop there. Once we understand and acknowledge who is looking back we must translate that into action. MLK Jr. was a man of words but what made him so special was that he was a man of action (did not just espouse values but was a man who was values in action). I believe that there is no shortage of opportunities to do the right thing . . . all we have to do is look at the immediate situation and then it is our choice to act of ignore. 

Note: In 1963 I made the trip from Connecticut to DC and was there for the memorable "I Have A Dream" speech. An experience I will never forget and has shaped the person I am today. 

Greetings from Tanzania where the work continues.

In 1983, Congress passed legislation that established a federal holiday to commemorate the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is observed on the third Monday of January each year, a date that tends to be close to his birthday, which is Jan. 15.

In 1994, Congress designated the federal holiday as a national day of service and charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with leading the effort. The #MLKDay of Service is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service: a "day on, not a day off."

If you're looking for ways for you and your family to participate in today's national day of service, visit To learn more about Dr. King and his legacy, follow The King Center or visit

#MLK50Forward #HonorRememberExplore


Dear Gil Williams,

Thank you for your response and for sharing your life-changing experience. Your comments go hand in hand with Rob Cipriano's acknowledgment that Martin Luther King Day is distinguished as the only U.S. Federal Holiday observed as a "Day of Service". Thus your reference to MLK as being a man of action does indeed have a proper stage set to recognize we need to Roll Up A Sleeve and Do Something in the world around us. Thank you for giving a sustained example of service!

Let us honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, through our actions that dedicated to unify the world beyond their own inherited political and religious thoughts, for the perpetuation of peace worldwide. Its simply possible. Thank you. 

work for global justice, mutual tolerance and peace through collaboration and a new people's movement

Thank you, Dr. Sohail Mahmood

Your passion and vision, not to mention, your work as Editorial and Review Board Member of the American Journal of Social and Management Sciences, a Member of the Advisory Council at the European Centre for Information and Security (ECIPS), and an International Advisor at the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIES) in Greece, is very much appreciated.  

Global Justice and mutual tolerance are age-old pursuits of the masses. Imagine a world where everyone can read and write. Then imagine how political powers can't imagine that world. Then imagine how people like you, me and our friends around the world can change that from an imaginary world to a new reality.


Dr. Sohail Mahmood and Ajay,

I thank you both for weighing in on this topic. As Rob stated Dr. Mahmood, we are indeed honored to have a man of such vast experience in our network. 

The common point between you comments is belief that we can indeed have global progress in even the most difficult of humanitarian challenges. I suspect there will always be an opposing force to peace until the world has come to an end. Nevertheless, we do have the ability to rise above that opposition and manifest peace and cooperation in even the most unlikely of circumstances. I do not propose that we will have peace as an outcome of an absence of discord and greed of those who value power over the needs of humanity. Instead, I propose we pursue an optimal level of peace and cooperation in spite of the forces that work against it. Effective communication is critical to developing actionable strategies and marshal resources. 

They say you eat an elephant one bite at a time; it is, however, first advisable to consider other alternatives for a meal : ) 



glad to collaborate for a worthy cause

Thanks Mr. Robert Ried,


I agree with you and Mr. Robert that "Global Justice and mutual tolerance are age-old pursuits of the masses" and "Effective communication is critical to developing actionable strategies and marshal resources."

In fact, we will have to look for the solution according to the needs of this contemporary world. I assume, it is a critical issue, but even there is a solution if we are ready to pay our deep attention regarding this humanitarian cause. 


Trust on me, i have already designed a project that dedicated to unify the world beyond their own inherited system of political and religious thoughts to help  the world's leadership and all leading religious instructors who thirst for a unanimous conclusion for global security in the current predicament of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and war, within the context of the moral crisis in political ethics and religious conflicts.

It is not an imagination, to confuse the world for personal beneficence, it is the true fact, that had been always ignored by the mass. 


Sincerely Yours

Ajay Singh

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