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8am - 6pm PDT Friday, April 13 2018
United Nations Headquarters in New York
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Robert on Feb 28, 2018


The Infopoverty World Conference, organized by OCCAM with the patronage of the European Parliament Information Office in Milan since 2001 on the wave of the proclamation of the Millennium Development Goals, points out yearly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York the most innovative solutions and the best practices elaborated with the United Nations system,governments and the civil society, to empower the fight to poverty. The Conference was declared by the UNGA as a "UN Flagship Event" in the 68th Session document no. A/68/186.

In particular, it has given rise to the Infopoverty Programme, which promotes and realizes
actions on the ground using the ICTs as tools of development, having created the UN Millennium Village in Sambaina (Madagascar) and ICT Villages in Honduras, South Lebanon, Navajo Nation and Ethiopia.

The previous editions of our conference, collected in the E-book "15 Years of Infopoverty World Conference (2001-2015)", and especially the most recent, led to the launch of two institutions which serve as a model for new practices, e-MedMed and the World Food Security e-Center, capable to provide directly to communities in need Telemedicine, e-Learning, e-Training and e-agriculture services through a global digital platform.

As the observatory of digital revolution, OCCAM, launching with its partners the 18th edition
of the Infopoverty World Conference, focuses the debate's attention on the high inequality of the development of ICT innovations which are generally destined to wealthy end-users' markets rather than to social growth, failing to offer solutions to fight poverty, hunger, health, to solve the most pressing global issues such as the migration and refugees crises, and to achieve universal education as stated by SDGs, cornerstone of the Infopoverty Programme.

How to overcome this handicap is the main theme of the 18th Infopoverty World Conference,providing concrete facts and best practices able to prove that digital services designed in line with the socio-economic development needs of the most disadvantaged populations could lead to relevant results in terms of health, food security, education, climate change, etc. In particular, the focus of the 2018 edition of the Conference is to find possible solutions taking a collective perspective to promote the highest participation, acting as a mediator between public and private sector to encourage the widest possible collectivity development. We appeal thus to the best entrepreneurial spirits, researchers, governments and institutions to join the 18th Infopoverty World Conference to find the best solutions for translating the vision of a truly global information society into reality, and to favor the creation of a "collective digital community", making concrete the possibility to eradicate poverty



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