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The AllHumanity Team is a unique group of passionate professionals with both an eye on humanitarian commerce and sustainable result driven direct impact. Each team member has a proven track record of accomplishments which are coupled with expansive visionary thinking.

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate with the globalization of multiple industries which directly effects the world economies. As economies struggle to embrace the rapidly changing commerce needs, at times, they overlook the needs of people, such as poverty, proper medical care, proper housing, access to information and all of the 17 SDGs. AllHumanity Group and its AllHumanity Network are helping organizations, businesses, people and nonprofits, charities, NGOs to understand the world of humanitarian commerce and translating SDG compliance and regulation guidelines into standards that meet two fundamental impact points:

1) Are organizations, businesses and global enterprises growing their own commercial footprint in line with available humanitarian core standards? and,

2) Are the humanitarian sector participants and its nonprofits, charities, NGOs, UN agencies, international relief, disaster relief and faith-based, as well as, secular players fully utilizing the knowledge, competencies and available tools to best align the unprecedented growth with the unprecedented needs as outlined in the SDGs and other global impact documents?

Our team is growing and evolving hourly as we connect at the nexus of AllHumanity.



Robert Cipriano
Chief Executive Officer
The AllHumanity Group


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I have the overview and our foundation presentation to share. Recently we changed focus to cover the whole Africa as we thought our project is unique and with over 340,000 square metres of land available to us, a centre that can be built will serve the whole African children and therefore we are updating our website soon.(www.forsportsfoundation.org).

Our Foundation is called Forsports Foundation and we aim to use sports as a catalyst to help these children through formal education and vocational training.

We are also looking at utilising the rest of the land for agricultural studies for the children and also to assist the local community in poultry farming to support both the centre and also create employment for the community.

I can share if I can have your e-mail address.



I sent you a private message.

I would also like you to communicate with Alan Hanseen (here on AHN) about a potential for integrating projects. Of note, Alan is first launching his project in Brazil; however, I am confident he would value discussing a phase II or phase III of his project in Africa that would be of mutual benefit to your project.


Robert Reid



Hello Robert,

Thanks for the nomination to Mr. Christopher. Certainly, Africa is a continent that has a lot of interest in taking the Forestry Block and contributing to the region.

Mr. Christopher, I have read your explanation about your project and without doubt your proposal is very interesting. If you can, please let me know more about your project. If you can, send me an email with more accurate information that will return you with information about my project so that we can try a partnership based on the existing synergies.

My email: alansouzahanssen@gmail.com

A big hug to Robert and another to Christopher!

Alan Hanssen

Sent via Groupsite Mobile.

Thanks Alan.

The translator you and I had, Joseph, is doing better now. His dad was released from the Trauma unit the next day. I am en route to a business trip this week; however, I look forward to continuing our conversation in the near future.



Robert Reid

Thank you Mr Alan H for responding to Christopher 's mail  .. responding and partnering with him is  giving attention to us all in Africa.


Thank you so much



Hello Robert,

Good winds bring the news about Joseph and his father. This way, my father, also operated, is already at home. Send my congratulations to Joseph and his father. I was very happy with the news!

I take this opportunity to wish you an excellent trip and I hope that your meeting is extremely positive. Like You, I am also looking forward to returning our conversation. I'll be waiting for your return and your schedule.

Have a great week!

A big hug!

Alan Hanssen


Hello Clarah, good afternoon!

I return to Christopher with great pleasure. His project looks very interesting. I received the material he sent me and I will analyze it calmly. I got home shortly from the hospital, as mentioned to Robert.

I will analyze the material with all the care and attention deserved. Contributing to solving the problems of the planet is my determination and ideal of life. If I can contribute in any way, be it a partnership between our projects or other opportunities, I will do so, because, as Robert indicated, it is my desire to be able to contribute seriously to Africa. Make sure that you can count on an ally for peace, for the eradication of hunger and poverty and for so many other struggles that the people of Africa crave and dream for a better and more dignified life.

Many thanks for your message. I remain at your disposal, as well as all Africans and other people on the planet who are fighting for equality and equity for a LIFE BETTER!

With all due respect, a big hug!

Alan Hanssen


  • Tue, Apr 10, 2018 1:01 AM

Thanks Dear Allan,

     Lot of thanks for the valuable response and appreciation. Hoping everything should get well in favor of your luck. I think we are on same line, but there is a bit of difference in our understanding. It is true, any religion of the world would never allow for the unification that you understood. I have always advocated to unite the human perception, beyond their inherited system of religious and political thoughts according to the need of this contemporary, without disgracing the belief of any humankind on Earth. It means, we can not ignore the presence of religion or spirituality in perception of human being at large. I have already clarified, that all "the definitions of all the leading world religions are based on their contemporary needs, to help human being to evolve under Natural process on basis of peace, love and humanity, not to obtain the narcissus and terrestrial bliss among the rot of massacre.´ It had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. I mean, we can not say that religion stands for no mean, when religion is used as a political tool and for professional beneficence.


   Thus i have advocated, to reveal the truth of religion within scientific insight, following the history of humankind on Earth, to define the basis for moral education without disgracing the belief of any humankind, which might address respect, character, dignity and love to achieve the global peace. I agree any specific religious definition or spirituality will never be the part of any peace process as a basis of foundation and main mechanism to create the basis for peace. Thus I have tried to reveal the truth of religion (dividing the existence of human in many parts) in short form of literature (fiction) to avoid the cause of conflicts and prevent the rise of "hate religious campaigns" and racism, through the academic sources. In my creation Angel is a fictitious character that representing the good against the evil perception, it is indicating the truth of incarnations that dedicated to perpetuate the basis for humanity in actual fact.


Thanks for the time and kind attention. More clarification in the response to Mr. Robert Reid. Please wait.


With Greatest Regards

Ajay Singh



We welcome open discussions with a healthy amount of diversity and personal opinions.  It is what makes vibrant discussions come alive.  

I would suggest that our conversations be a little more directed toward needs, actions, suggestions, and results.  We are not a school, church, or religious institution, we are an open-minded and open-hearted nexus of good people doing good things.   Unless a discussion is leading to a healthy and nourishing suggestion/solution for the betterment of humanity,  the personal proclamation of one's personal spiritual beliefs should be weighed against the actual/factual contribution that member is reporting or sharing.

We all have beliefs and our spiritual journey, mine is Christian, my dearest friends are an assortment of every belief (and non-belief) systems in the world.  The one thing that binds us as friends is our common goal of "really actually" reaching out to people in need and helping with more than proclaiming our personal faith.  Did I help someone today?  Did I help someone yesterday? What will I do tomorrow to help others? 

Some thoughts as we push forward.



Hi Ajay

As I said, and in the same direction as Mr. Robert Cirpiano's words, my view of your project is not against your work, believe me to be good and commendable, and as you yourself have said, our thoughts are the same. I did not mention and did not want to get into the merits of one religion being better or more important than another, but I am very concerned that, instead of achieving its goals, it reaches the opposite. So I personally prefer not to approach the subject of religion, because it is a very delicate thing that if not done correctly, can cause a big problem. Absolutely nothing against your work, on the contrary, I found it very interesting. So, on the subject of religion, I prefer to dialogue in person, because it generates a better understanding of our words. I confess that I am very afraid to approach this subject because of its complexity. I prefer to act in ways, although complex in their development, but have global agreement, because it becomes much easier.

Robert, our conversation, in my opinion, follows exactly your position, the pursuit of actions that can help us achieve peace. I wake up and go to bed every day wondering, "Did I help anyone today? Did I help anyone yesterday? What will I do tomorrow to help others?"

As for religion, I've been in different ways in order to understand and understand better what each segment wants to go through and how people understand its vision, just to try to know better how to talk to each one of them.

A big hug for both of you!


  • Wed, Apr 11, 2018 2:04 AM

Thanks Mr. Robert Reid,

      Lot of thanks for the valuable enlightenment. I assume I am a origin of an indigent population, where morality is embroiled in mazes of caste system and terrestrial issues, using the religious sanctity for political and professional beneficence, I am a self educated person, dedicated to reveal the true facts that disgracing the basis for morality worldwide and help the world to understand the meaning of culture, norms and mores (that localized for a reason). In fact, it is not possible for any scientific, political or professional insight to bring changes in human genetic nature to appreciate us to respect the culture, norms and mores that is out of their imagination. Thus to protect an individual thought, belief and faith and to advocate for kindness, mutual respect, human decency and the eradication of atrocities against humanity, first of all we will have to clarify the truth and the reasons of the origin of religions that holds the basis for morality, humanity as the sources of culture, norms and mores. No doubt, it is the lethal use of religion (for political and professional beneficence) that divided the entire human existence in mazes of several culture norms and mores, mostly disgracing the basis for morality and humanity as well.


     Sir, trust on me, our proposed framework intended for peace and elimination of conflict would never provide any chance for the opposite to use this framework to control over thoughts and beliefs for their own personal, political or professional beneficence. I assume, we need to collectively govern and support the eradication of human injustices and exploitation. Please help me to learn, presently how could we build up a careful balance that would ensure the capacity for governance is not overstepped resulting in a total control? How it is possible to expand a positive role model type approach to influence parity and respect across cultures according to the need of this contemporary world? How our respect should be balanced to appreciate diversity in culture (to include norms and mores) without disgracing the belief or faith of any humankind on Earth?


    Here I am to learn and serve whatever I have learned from the world to eradicate inhumanity and secure the future of our oncoming generation. I apologize, if I had been wrong, I am not writing to impress the audience for personal beneficence, from my point of view I have only tried to reveal the true facts (basis for humanity) that mostly ignored by the people that embroiled in mazes of several religious and political definitions. I believe, to protect the basis for humanity we will have to look forward to unite the world beyond the political and religious issues without disgracing the belief of any humankind, and this is the only way to advocate for kindness, mutual respect and human decency. Please help me to learn, "Do we have any other options or ideologies for the eradication of atrocities against humanity?


Helping or being kind for an individual or a community means you are great for a community or sect, but when we are thinking to serve for all humanity, we will have to think beyond our own inherited system of thoughts. Yes it is the biggest challenge for this contemporary world, but it is simply achieve able, so I beg you sir, please keep this discussion on, I believe we will definitely reach the final conclusion that we do need to protect the basis for humanity worldwide.

Sir, today I have sent my request at your linkedin account to get connected with you, hoping to get your blessings as ever.

Thanks for the time and for enlightening me as a true mentor, its my pleasure.

With Greatest Regards
Ajay Singh.


  • Thu, Apr 12, 2018 4:26 AM

Thanks Mr. Robert Cirpiano / Dear Allan,

      Lot of thanks for the honest response. I respect your opinion , our conversations should be directed towards needs, action, suggestions and results that would lead us for the betterment of humanity. I am well aware that we (AHG) are not a school or religious institution or a platform to promote a personal proclamation of any personal belief. We are here for a discussion, to help the people (not individual) in need and to save the basis for humanity worldwide, not to promote any specific political and religious issues. That's what I mean is our All Humanity Group.


   I don't think discussing on a topic of any spiritual belief, will lead us to the betterment of humanity. As I have always stated "Presently, the achievements of scientific insight are resurrecting beyond the process of Nature, and the graces of spirituality are descending to a dangerous abyss.'


      We are not a school, but I believe we can suggest the schools and the educational institutions, to define the basis for moral education, according to the need of this contemporary world. Today the United Nation is itself in need for the policies that would perpetuate the basis for global peace to overcome the perils of humanitarian crisis from war and religious conflicts etc. (I will prove it if needed)


     I am not engaged with any political or religious groups and I assume whatever I have stated is out of the imagination of the audience (till my proposed framework is reviewed), so my thoughts have emerged as a personal proclamation of one's personal belief. I believe, yet I haven't been able to represent my vision and views in proper way, I apologize, it is my fault. (I would be glad to clarify about the confusions that born out from my conversation, please give me chance)

         Dear Allan, sorry to say, you have not reviewed my "proposal" or the "sample copy". that I have sent to you, May be, due to lack of time or I think it is difficult to understand the type of my writing. There I have revealed the true facts and the circumstances of the originations of of the leading religions of the world, following the history of humankind on Earth. I have not written in favor or against any religious point of views. It is specially designed to clarify the truth and the reasons of the origin of religions that holds the basis for morality and humanity as the sources of our culture, norms and mores. It is dedicated to the AHG to help the people to bridge up the gaps between the cultures, norms and mores, without disgracing the belief of any humankind on Earth.


       Please keep this discussion on, yet we are far from the conclusion, that we do need for the betterment for humanity. Thinking to help anyone is not the action, that we need for the betterment of humanity worldwide. Let us move to an action for an affirmative result in favor of AHG.


Thanks for the time, looking forward for your response

With Greatest Regards for both of you

Ajay Singh.


Hi, Ajay, good morning!

I would like to point out that I have read all the material that you directed me with attention. Perhaps because of the translation the words and their intentions may have modified the initial meaning of their writing.

We must focus here on practical solutions that can contribute to a significant change in the short, medium and long term. How are we going to work on hunger in the world? How to solve the problem of hundreds of refugees? How to make serious and effective policies to end war and hatred (for me, through an egalitarian and equitable net of globalized education)? How to contain deforestation and uncontrolled generation of waste (especially plastics)? How to ensure that our rivers cease to be polluted to increase the quality and quantity of drinking water in the world? How to guarantee employment for all the unemployed today and for the future who are being born right now? How? Which way is right? Where to start? How to begin?

We have a bigger problem to solve before all these problems. In my opinion, the biggest challenge is the size of the world population and how it continues to increase day by day. The greater the number of people, the greater the number of garbage, pollution, etc. What is the short, medium and long-term bill to be made in all structures to ensure population balance and natural needs?

Within these approaches, I ask what each of us, generic and broadly, can see future solutions. I make this proposal for dialogue!


Alan Hanssen


Good afternoon Alan good afternoon AllHumaniity  group

Sure , Christopher's project is very unique and interesting , Thanks for bringing up this challenge Chris.

 I see it as an achievement to us all as AllHumanity  group and a great opportunity to us Africans here.. life has definitely defined us here to eliminate war for peace  and eradicating hunger and poverty through this platform ALLHumanity supporting disadvantaged and poor African societies through education  .

Hiish am now disadvantaged by my poor vocabulary to elaborate on our African poverty which has led  most poor fathers and mothers die or run away or dumb their biological children.

Yes Mr Alan , Yes AllHumanity , all our answers as  poor African societies lies here . the discussions on this groups gives us a bright  future , am learning everyday .. discussions plays a vital role .... will continue and not loosing our focus . 

one war , one goal ,one tomorrow  same objectives together we will make it .




Hello Clarah

Christopher's design is really very interesting. We've been talking about the project. He sent me a new structure that I will evaluate tonight, with a little more calm.

I hope the project will help many African children to have new life expectancies and to achieve a better childhood and future.

You can count on me for whatever you need. It is a great pleasure to be able to contribute in some way.


Alan Hanssen



I have been out of town and very busy on assignment. I have, however, had time to catch up on your writings. I affirm you in your dedication, yet caution in creating a perception by your readers that you have "The Truth" that they need to hear. I am glad to see that you have conviction and resolve...the caution is that you cannot put yourself in a place to tell others what to believe...nor can any government or institution rightfully do so..or effectively do so for that matter.

I am of the belief we demonstrate by action and inspire those around us. The UN has a slogan surrounding the 17 SDGs that I am particularly fond of...Think Globally and Act Locally...both are needed in unison. 



Robert Reid 


  • Sun, Apr 15, 2018 12:44 AM

Thanks Mr. Robert Reid / Dear Allan,

       Lot of thanks for the suggestions. I enshrine all your words as the true fact of this contemporary world. What ever I have stated in this discussion are based on the 2nd column of this discussion's topic.

 (Are the humanitarian sector participants and its........faith based.....secular players fully utilizing the knowledge.......)


        Sir I haven't ever tried to put myself in a place to tell others what to believe, I assume not any individual, government or institution can rightfully do so. In fact, what I have stated, is a suggestion, a request to reveal the truth of the circumstances and communal activities of the era, when the world's leading religions were born, following the history of humankind on Earth. We believe, it is an essential issue for all of us seeking to bridge up the gaps between the cultures, norms and mores, without disgracing the belief and faith, while respecting all the religions in one notion, I mean, it is a straight action approaching the world for the unification against racism and hate religious campaigns that disgracing the basis for humanity worldwide.


    There is a column in the 17 UN-SDGs, to develop the academic sources. Here we are suggesting the UN to define the basis for moral education as "unabridged school edition", that would help the students to advocate for kindness, mutual respect and human decency, to bridge up the gaps between the cultures, norms and mores without disgracing the belief and faith of any humankind. I have already worked out the concept of this theory, but it is impossible for an individual to go for its implementation for the eradication of atrocities against humanity. Sir you are right " Think Globally and act Locally". Yes both are needed in unison. But there is a big difference in global and local thoughts in the existence of humankind that divided in mazes of several political and religious issues. Thus we will have to explore beyond the local issues, for the demonstration and implementation of any global thoughts that dedicated to the unison for betterment of humanity worldwide.

      Sorry Allan, you may have found problem in understanding my creation that written in verses account. What to do if it had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. Such problems are not to be solved straightaway. I agree with your point of views, we must focus here on practical solutions that can contribute to a significant change in the short, medium and long term. But how can we solve these problems, while ignoring the basis for such problems that creating the basis for such humanitarian crisis worldwide?  ( The question of rising population is a part of the natural process and the world's leadership is already leading us to an unnatural end)

Again I am repeating that I have already stated in this discussion, as the answer of your questions.

What is the most essential and most important ideology to solve the complexities of hunger, poverty, global warming and other humanitarian crisis?


First of all, what we need is peace and solidarity. Without peace and unison, it is impossible for the world community to pay devout attention to addressing poverty and other humanitarian crisis. Today war, violence, and political collisions are the real cause of poverty. Economic differences and the disagreements between natural and academic sources are not only the obstacles for a global community struggling against poverty.


At the forefront, the world community is baffled by the means to prevent global warming. On the other hand, we have developed weapons of mass destruction that could destroy the world beyond our imaginations. Thus, without peace and solidarity, any attempts to solve all issues relating to poverty, global warming and other humanitarian crisis constitute a political business in actual fact.


Does our leadership have a "unanimous conclusion" to tackle the clashes between not only religious approach and state, but also theism and atheism? Is this leadership capable and adept enough to prevent the further rise of hate groups, terrorism and religious campaigns and rescue humanity from the shadow of nuclear weapons?


What I mean is a request for all the members of AHG, let us focus on the roots of the problems that mostly ignored by world community, due to lack of a perfect ideology. Trust on me, we already have a big opportunity, Thinks positive, if you are thinking to solve the global problems, while acting locally. We have already started to overcome these problems, just let us look forward thinking positive.


Thanks for the time and review

With Greatest Regards
Ajay Singh.


  • Sun, Apr 15, 2018 11:10 PM

Dear Friends at AHG,


          Please let us clarify, what to we mean by "quality education" that mentioned as the part of SDGs ?


"Educating the mind, without educating the heart is no education at all."     -Aristotle


Thank you !


In viewing the research literature related to quality education , it takes a broader perspective and demonstrate by this analysis that programmers must encompass  a broader definition involving learner, content, processes ,environment and outcomes.

This definition allows for an understanding of education as a complex system embedded in a political, cultural and economic context. It is important to keep in mind education's systemic nature however, these  dimensions are interdependent, influencing each other in ways that are sometimes unforeseeable

This definition also takes into account the global and international influences that propel the discussion of educational quality (Motal 2000, pipho, 2000) ......

(...to be continued)


Thanks  for the discussion  Mr Ajay



  • Wed, Apr 18, 2018 12:32 AM

Thanks Clarah,


       Great !   I agree with you and would be glad to see your further clarification in detail. Please help me to learn, how and where we should submit such academic proposals?


Thanks a lot


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