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What are your personal self-development goals (P-SDGs)?

The start of the New Year kicked in a new development agenda aimed at addressing the massive economic, environmental, social and political challenges faced by all nations around the world which include: poverty, hunger, poor education, gender inequality, poor health conditions, and climate change among others. The 2030 Agenda consists of 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 targets which nations are expected to use as a guideline in framing their social, political and economic policies for the next 15 years. There are ongoing awareness campaigns to tell everyone about the SDGs and by now most people should have identified with at least one of the goals. You can open this link to get more details about the SDGs here.

While reading through the SDGs, it got me thinking, what are my goals and targets? What are your own goals and targets? Do you have your own Personal Sustainable Development Goals (PSDGs)? If nations can unite to set up the SDGs with 17 goals and 169 targets for the next 15 years with a framework to monitor its progress, then it should be much easier for you to set up your own PSDGs: for yourself, your business, your family and even your community. No matter how beautiful or how well implemented the SDGs are, they won't make any difference to someone who is not ready to benefit from them. If your own PSDGs are in line with the SDGs, then it'll be easier for you to contribute to and partake in the success of the SDGs. So, if you don't have your own PSDGs, I mean as precise and detailed as the SDGs, you have an assignment for yourself.

How can you go about setting your own PSDGs? If you follow the same process used in setting up the SDGs, you will be on the right track. Of course, you don't need to summon a meeting of various nations to put yours in order. There are a number of books, articles and research materials that can guide you in setting up your own PSDGs. Do your research, be properly guided and get to the drawing board.

Below are some tips that could guide you in developing your PSDGS.

1. Study yourself. Look at your past, your problems, and your challenges and start thinking of how to make things better. This will guide you in taking positive steps. The same thing was done with the SDGs. Wide consultations were done to know what people need and assess the failures of the MDGs in order to make things better and not repeat the same mistakes.

2. Lay down certain principles that will guide you; a code of ethics that will help you in making decisions and taking positive steps.

3. Identify your vision and your mission. Your vision talks about where you aim to be while your mission talks about what how you plan to get to where you want to be.

4. Identify your goals and targets. Your goals should be measurable. It should not be the result of wishful thinking. Your targets should be realistic.

5. Identify a timeline. You should set goals and targets for a particular period of time.

6. Devise your own tool to measure success and progress. Depending on your own goals and targets, you must have a way to assess whether you are failing or succeeding.

7. All the above should be in writing. Write it down clearly. It should be as detailed as a document you are preparing for your president. You could paste in on your wall, or anywhere that will keep you on track.

8. If you are developing PSDGs for a group of people like your family, a community or an organization make sure everyone participates in the process.

If in setting up your own PSDGs, you fail to consciously include the welfare of another person, then your plan isn't good enough. If in your 6 months or one year plan, you have no goal of empowering somebody; just touching the life of one person; making the world a better place for one person; even if it's just for a minute, then your PSDGs are deeply flawed.

Remember you can plan a picnic but you can't predict the weather. Setting realistic goals and targets don't mean all must go as planned. There will be challenges and obstacles on the way. Leave room for flexibility and adaptability. Don't let the fear of challenges stop you from developing your PSDGs. The good thing about having them is that they are like a road map and they give you some sort of direction.

Have you made your New Year resolutions? If not, you should consider taking a look at the SDGs and see how you can align it with your own personal goals and targets for the year.

Do you already have your PSDGs? Can you share them with others? If not, get to the drawing board and start drawing a map for your future.



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I needed to read this tonight.  Thanks!

Robert, May I share this (with attribution) in a Women's Facebook Group that I am a member of  "Women Spreading Light"?  

Peggy you are doing a very big job in our today's society

I want to join this Facebook Peggy

  • Tue, Feb 20, 2018 10:12 PM

PSDGs ! Is it only for the world's elite group or their is something for the voiceless and powerless people at grass roots level?

Presently, what is the most essential and most important ideology to collectively tackle the root causes of inequalities, injustice, human rights violations, poverty, environmental degradation and climate change?


First of all, what we need is peace and unity. Without peace and unity among the people that divided in mazes of several political and religious issues, it is impossible for the world community to pay devout attention to addressing poverty and other humanitarian crisis. Today war, violence, and political collisions are the real cause of poverty. Economic differences and the disagreements between natural and academic sources are not only the obstacles for the global community struggling against poverty. Here we are missing the important sources that is essential for the success of the SDG, within the rise of many humanitarian crisis.

At the forefront, the world community is baffled by the means to prevent global warming. On the other hand, we have developed weapons of mass destruction that could destroy the world beyond our imaginations. Thus, without peace and unity among the people at grass roots level, any attempts to solve all issues relating to poverty and global warming constitute a political business in actual fact.


I believe the ethics for "perpetuation of the basis of global peace" should be approached as the basis for the PSDGs to help the world's leadership and all leading religious instructors who thirst for a unanimous conclusion for global security in the current predicament of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and war, within the context of the moral crisis in political ethics and religious conflicts.


Lets start right now


Thank you


Thank you very much Mr Ajay ,


I do agree with you


Political instability is 100 % cause to the suffering of   lives in most communities .

Economic differences is just 85% cause to the suffering of the poor eg abandoned , orphans and widows  in societies

Natural disagreement among families , especial in  Africa and other countries


  • Sat, Feb 24, 2018 11:00 PM

Thanks Dear Clarah,


Only raising the problems will never lead us to solution. We will have to reach the "unanimous conclusion" of such humanitarian crisis in actual fact. But the UN is the place for the implementation of the ethics of the Elite Groups that navigating the world according to their needs, Here is nothing for PSDGs of people at grass roots level in actual fact.

Ajay,  raising of problems and challenges will one day  make us reach our solution. We always pray for the inclusive of all groups . its a shame that grassroots are not seen and recognized .  All things have their start point and I believe  PSDGs of people for  grass roots levels will be attended to also. Lets just praise God for this group founded by Robert '

Wonderful packages are coming soon for grass roots level ALSO. 


  • Wed, Mar 7, 2018 11:32 PM

Thanks Dear Clarah !


I agree with you, changes are an essential part of natural process. but i don't think the Elite Groups in thralldom of egoism would like to approach PSDGs of people from grass roots level, because it will hurt their ego and profession that brings them high above the people at grass roots level. They are unaware of the true facts of God and his teachings, that they are using as political tools for their own political and professional beneficence, leading the world to an unnatural end.


Thanks to Mr. Robert for creating this group to appreciate the people at Grass roots level. Lets praise God, because he is above all. Thank You again. 



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