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AllHumanity Network is proud to roll out a very special series of activities and humanitarian projects that celebrate women in the humanitarian sector. From the UN Organizations to Faith-Based world groups and missions and beyond, the leadership and humanitarian navigation demonstrated by women has been largely overlooked.

At AllHumanity Network we celebrate and pay tribute to all of the women of the humanitarian sector.





















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  • Please take a moment to visit this link and be a part of what is a fascinating journey together

    Posted by Robert / 2 days ago / 1 Comment


    As AllHumanity Network continues to grow in size and relevance, we are adding additional features to better connect our members to each other in meaningful and transparent ways. The integration of all the various aspects of AllHumanity Network is ongoing. Please take a moment to visit this link and be a part of what is a fascinating journey together.

    The two platforms will migrate together to form a wonderful dream come true, a true global social platform for good.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the new addition today!

  • Press Release: AllHumanity Network Joining Hands with UpLifTV To Provide Nonprofits Access to Featured Created Documentaries for

    Posted by Robert / 6 days ago / 4 Comments


    Laguna Beach, CA, April 13, 2018: Robert J. Cipriano, CEO of The AllHumanity Group and Founder of AllHumanity Network and Bob Higley, CEO of UpLifTV are developing a plan that will be a collaboration between UpLifTV and AllHumanity to help nonprofit organizations in UN approved countries to receive television coverage on UpLifTV in the United States, the most generous country in the world. This TV coverage will help these nonprofit organizations, tell their story to millions of people, so they can obtain the needed financial support to help their cause. The airing of approved created productions on UplifTV which is ..

  • Integrating Virtual-Reality Therapeutically_Nature's Way

    Posted by David / 6 days ago / 4 Comments


    Nature is our source of beauty, joy, and inspiration including all that we need for living on our planet Earth. Nature is all-inclusive. Nature is free for the taking for those of us with the ability to get out from our city environs when time permits. For those within Therapeutic facilities or impeded with various handicaps, accessing Nature is, regrettably a remote possibility.

    "INVIROVR suggest fewer carbs and more Nature. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes twice ..

  • New Classrooms in Adjumani, Uganda

    Posted by Robert / 14 days ago / 0 Comments

    Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with Rosemary Khamati via Skype. Thanks to Fellowship's financial gifts, the refugee elementary school that PEACE helps oversee, has added two new classrooms. Read below what Rosemary shared about these classrooms and the school:

    "We are very thankful for your partnership that enables our ministry to grow and change lives for the glory of God. Your prayers, giving, encouragement go a long way to keep us serving those in Olua 1 settlement in Adjumani, Northern Uganda. I would like to specifically tell the story of the newly constructed block of two class ..

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