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AllHumanity Group, is at the nexus of all things humanitarian between NGO's (non-governmental organizations), IGO'S (international governmental organizations) and the charitable/non-profit global mega communities on a single platform providing transparency and accountability in donor fund management, grant management, humanitarian processes and logistics, technology implementation & introduction, humanitarian social networking and unique content gathering & presentation as it pertains to providing humanitarian relief globally.

The AllHumanity Group operates as a hybrid humanitarian consortium and cooperation whose primary mission and goal is to create partnerships internationally for the following purposes:

Economic and Social

Business and Industry
Cooperative Accountability
Economic and Finance
Humanitarian Affairs
Industrial Development
Private Sector
Science and Technology
Social Development
United Nations Funding

Financing for Development

Addressing systemic issues
Increasing Financial and technical cooperation for development
Mobilizing domestic financial resources for development
Mobilizing international resources for development

Gender Issues and Advancement of Women

Capacity Building
Education and training of women
Information and communication technologies


International migration
Population structure

Public Administration

Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability
Knowledge Systems and E-government
Public Service and Management Innovation

Social Development

Information and Communications Technologies


Development indicators

Sustainable Development

Consumption and production patterns
Disaster management and vulnerability
Gender Equality
Industrial development
Institutional arrangements

Peace and Development in Africa

Development in Africa
Peace in Africa

Conflict Resolution in Africa

Conflict Resolution


The Management at AllHumanity Group is experienced and compassionate which permits us to apply processes and protocols to each project while never losing sight of our primary goal which is to enhance humanitarian impact which directly helps people in crisis globally.

Since 2000, Robert J. Cipriano has been working to develop the science of humanitarian aid and logistics. AllHumanity Group strives to increase the capacity of humanitarian actors to respond effectively to the growing number of major disasters impacting the world today by finding solutions to management challenges affecting humanitarian organizations.

Facilitating cross-learning between those currently engaged in humanitarian action (humanitarian organizations, private-sector, governments, donors, military etc.) AllHumanity Group works to identify and transfer best practices from the private sector to humanitarian sector groups, organizations, and non-profits operating in a volatile world.

The Team

The Team at AllHumanity Group is a combination of Executive Management, Country Directors and Humanitarian Advisers who work together to manage and deliver the very finest in humanitarian oversight and aid around the world.

We could not do the work we do without the commitment of our AllHumanity Crew, who bring with them an amazing breadth of skills and experience and have dedicated themselves to achieving positive outcomes for humanity.


Our Team

The AllHumanity Team is a unique group of passionate professionals with both an eye on humanitarian commerce and sustainable result driven direct impact.  Each team member has a proven track record of accomplishments which are coupled with expansive visionary thinking. 

The world is evolving at an unprecedented rate with the globalization of multiple industries which directly effects the world economies.  As economies struggle to embrace the rapidly changing commerce needs, at times, they overlook the needs of people, such as poverty, proper medical care, proper housing, access to information and all of the 17 SDGs.  AllHumanity Group and its AllHumanity Network are helping organizations, businesses, people and nonprofits, charities, NGOs to understand the world of humanitarian commerce and translating SDG compliance and regulation guidelines into standards that meet two fundamental impact points: 

1) Are organizations, businesses and global enterprises growing their own commercial footprint in line with available humanitarian core standards? and,

2) Are the humanitarian sector participants and its nonprofits, charities, NGOs, UN agencies, international relief, disaster relief and faith-based, as well as, secular players fully utilizing the knowledge, competencies and available tools to best align the unprecedented growth with the unprecedented needs as outlined in the SDGs and other global impact documents?

Our team is growing and evolving hourly as we connect at the nexus of AllHumanity.


Robert J. Cipriano
Chief Executive Officer
The AllHumanity Group
AllHumanity Network

Meet Our Team

Robert J. Cipriano

CEO & Founder

Starting with changing the landscape of care for special needs children as a teenager, Robert J. Cipriano has propelled through his last forty some years challenging the status quo in multiple sectors. He has enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry, real estate development and international privatization finance. Over the past 22 years, he has focused on humanitarian development and non-profit sustainability and transparency. Today, he is a highly sought-out humanitarian as his vast network span six continents and his company, The AllHumanity Group, forms partnerships to enhance life, innovation, and education. Robert J. Cipriano created the AllHumanity Group and the AllHumanity Network to provide access to multiple humanitarian networks. A pillar of the creative community, Robert J. Cipriano dedicates his resources and efforts to build a positive and engaging environment. For Robert, the most important thing is to ensure that young and old alike remain inspired and make connections with each other that change the world for the better.


Robert Reid

Executive Director

Robert Reid has demonstrated an effective servant leadership style while serving various roles with AllHumanity since 2013. He has a strong sense of personal humility; yet, as the Executive Director, his vision for AllHumanity Group is both audacious and achievable through the development of highly functional teams. Robert is a 26-year veteran of U.S. Navy. Having achieved the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2010, he was in the top 97th Percentile of the enlisted structure up to his military retirement transition date in October 2015. Significant engagement in Project Management, Process Excellence, Continuous Performance Improvement, Theory of Constraints and other methodologies and management principles/disciplines enabled him to lead the Naval Enterprise to realize more than $100m in documented cost savings. Beyond savings, he delivered optimization of mission readiness, quality, safety and other critical metrics and objectives across multiple industry disciplines. His acute focus on workforce development, innovation, system level performance improvement and executive coaching were skill sets he honed and progressively gained higher levels of certification and authority from 1995-2015. He has effectively transferred these skills to his post-military career with great industry diversity working across service/transactional, academic, manufacturing, and Green Technology industries. Notably, Robert is honored to now work with a global award-winning Green Technology leader, NG1 Technologies, as the Director, Innovation Integration and Executive Coach. Across 26 years of naval service, Robert has numerous awards and citations; however, he takes the greatest pride in 3 relatively lower level awards. Specifically, he was cited for 21 consecutive years of community/humanitarian service with 3 Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards. Building effective teams to achieve missions and serve others is Robert's motive drive. Robert invites you to work with us so that "Together, We Can Do Something Great In Service To Others.


Javier Hernandez

Business Development

Javier Hernandez is a veteran entrepreneur having built 8 ventures of his own with 6 successful liquidity events and 2 that - let's just say - taught him some extraordinary lessons about life and business. He has a relentless commitment to relationship building and helping others find the connections they need. Respected as an innovator and problem solver. Skilled at achieving the ideal point of intersection between goals, needs, capabilities, and resources He has worked globally in 72 countries across 4 continents and 50 states, helping more than 300 client companies and not-for-profits. His expertise ranges from product development and management, sales force management and market strategies, operational efficiencies, fund raising, and facilitating investment capital, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO's.



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