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AHN Advisors & Consultants

AllHumanity Group, parent company of AllHumanity Network has numerous consultants available for assignments.  Areas covered for consulting services include UN SDGs, nonprofits, charities, social media, accounting, legal and nonprofit technologies.  Please review the below offering.

Robert Reid, Senior Advisor - Consulting in the following areas: project management, process excellence, continuous performance improvement, theory of constraints and mission readiness

Robert Reid has demonstrated an effective servant leadership style while serving various roles with AllHumanity since 2013. He has a strong sense of personal humility; yet, as the Executive Director, his vision for AllHumanity Group is both audacious and achievable through development of highly functional teams. Robert is a 26-year veteran of U.S. Navy. Having achieved the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2010, he was at the top 97th Percentile of the enlisted structure up to his military retirement transition date in October, 2015. Significant engagement in Project Management, Process Excellence, Continuous Performance Improvement, Theory of Constraints and other methodologies and management principles/disciplines enabled him to lead the Naval Enterprise to realize more than $100m in documented cost savings. Beyond savings, he delivered optimization of mission readiness, quality, safety and other critical metrics and objectives across multiple industry disciplines. His acute focus on workforce development, innovation, system level performance improvement and executive coaching were skill sets he honed and progressively gained higher levels of certification and authority from 1995-2015. He has effectively transferred these skills to his post-military career with great industry diversity working across service/transactional, academic, manufacturing, and Green Technology industries. Notably, Robert is honored to now work with a global award-winning Green Technology leader, NG1 Technologies, as the Director, Innovation Integration and Executive Coach. Across 26 years of naval service, Robert has numerous awards and citations; however, he takes the greatest pride in 3 relatively lower level awards. Specifically, he was cited for 21 consecutive years of community/humanitarian service with 3 Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards. Building effective teams to achieve missions and serve others is Robert's motive drive. Robert invites you to work with us so that "Together, We Can Do Something Great In Service To Others.

Javier Hernandez - Consulting in the following areas: product development and management, sales force management and market strategies, operational efficiencies, fund raising, and facilitating investment capital, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO's.

Javier Hernandez is a veteran entrepreneur having built 8 ventures of his own with 6 successful liquidity events and 2 that - let's just say - taught him some extraordinary lessons about life and business. He has a relentless commitment to relationship building and helping others find the connections they need. Respected as an innovator and problem solver. Skilled at achieving the ideal point of intersection between goals, needs, capabilities, and resources He has worked globally in 72 countries across 4 continents and 50 states, helping more than 300 client companies and not-for-profits. His expertise ranges from product development and management, sales force management and market strategies, operational efficiencies, fund raising, and facilitating investment capital, mergers, acquisitions, and IPO's.

Mitchell Savin - Consulting in the following areas: art direction, social media

Mitchell "Gabe" Savin is currently attending Roosevelt University located in Chicago, IL. Mitchell is a person who has a passion for making things as good as they can be, and if they aren't he will be the first to make it happen. He believes that success comes with making hard decisions and not being satisfied. His drive towards standing out among the sea of "Average" is strong. When it comes to AllHumanity's business, he believes that ethics are important but the way he thinks and how he reaches the next goal is what counts. Photography Instagram: @DiplopiaPhotography Digital Art Instagram: @GabeDoesArt Personal Instagram: @MitchellSavin


Jake Counselbaum - Consulting in the following areas: social media, brand creation, media/digital marketing initiatives

Consultant, Twitter inspirer, data-driven digital marketer, social media maven, purveyor of positivist. Jake has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world solving their problems. He loves social media. He has set out to help brands create meaningful connections online. Jake feels if social media is used to impact people, rather than just impress them, success is imminent. Innovating in the social media space since 2011, Jake has worked with numerous Fortune 500 brands on social media/digital marketing campaigns and initiatives.



Ryan Pomper - Consulting in the following areas: technology, social media, and networking, social media platform integration

Divergent thinker, Problem solver, Detailed Listener, Evidential Analytical Media Adapter. CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BUILDER who thrives on meeting the needs of each stakeholder across a broad platform of career endeavors. Compassionate and dedicated to exceeding expectations and growing a network of industry professionals. RISK TAKER willing to test the challenges within each position to identify a balance between personal and strengths and position responsibilities. TECH SAVVY with a curious mind and a willingness to explore and embrace emerging technologies. Demonstrated an ability to leverage computer skills to improve productivity. Ryan is a people person. He loves random encounters with strangers, you never know who you're sitting next to. He prides himself on always being the first one to work and the last one to leave. He is an opportunist, always looking for the bright side of things. He surrounds himself with people who make him a better person and being a better person translates into better work. Driven to make a dent in the universe, Ryan's determination compelled him to solve problems and connect others through his experience working with the best using innovative social media methods and direct client connections. With his proficiency in various social media platform integration, Ryan has the ability to exceed expectations bringing solutions to astounding heights.

David C. Traub - Consulting in the following areas: feature film. digital media products and games, global business, economic development, early stage start-ups 

David has nearly 30 years of experience as an award-winning executive producer of feature films, digital media products, and games; as a venture catalyst, global business and economic development executive; and as an investor and/or board member/advisor to over 35 startup, early stage, institutional, multi-national and government entities. David's current movies as Exec or Co-Producer include jOBS, BRONX BULL (the story of Jake LaMotta), CRAZY FOR THE BOYS (story about a real girl band that forms around high school anti-bullying activity), NEON BUFFALO (impact of entrepreneurship and native American gaming on the resurgence of Native America) and "TIME TO HONOR" (story about 2 Marines supporting veterans returning to a challenging US). His first feature film credit was for producing display graphics on THE LAWNMOWER MAN. He is also co-founder of "Teen Net" (resources for teenagers); "17 Question" (mythological evaluation tools), advancedbiofuels.com, a cellulosic ethanol platform, and Unityfor.org (mobile-based 'rock philanthropy'. Previous non-profit activities included a fellowship with philanthropic fullcirclefund.org; and a contribution to the Green Inaugural Ball, Jan. 19th 2009. David is the author of nearly 50 articles on the evolution of the digital domain, education and economic development for publications, books, and clients such as Ontario Ministry of Culture, NTT-Docomo, Microsoft and Carnegie-Mellon. He has given more than 60 keynote and other speeches globally. David earned an Ed.M in Education from Harvard ('90) with focus on optimizing economic/career development via entertainment interfaces/media, while conducting class-work at MIT Media Lab & Harvard's Business School. In 1984 he earned undergraduate degrees in rhetoric & film with honors from the UC Berkeley. My "personal passion" is innovation entrepreneurship in digital media entertainment-deployed ‘bio-psycho-social' curriculum and solutions: the ‘missing piece' in modern education.

Karyn Caplan - Consulting in the following areas: Institutional: Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Capacity Building, Change & Transition Management; Board: Identification, Recruitment, Stewardship & Cultivation; Administration: HR, Inclusion & Diversity, IT, Risk Management & Compliance, Financial & Reporting Systems & Processes;Revenue Generation: Mobile Platforms, Economic Development, Impact, PE & VC; New Business: Sales, Subscription, Membership, Content Monetization; Fundraising: Major Donor, Planned Giving & Endowment, Grants, Annual, Project, Capital; Corporate: Sponsorship, CSR, Advertising; Development: Program & Activity,Partnerships (Public, Private, Non-profit), Audience; Advocacy: Campaigns, Lobbying (Federal/Governing Body, Regional, National, Community)

Karyn Caplan brings over 20 years of experience in international development, strategic planning, revenue generation and communications. She specializes in developing sophisticated and complex multi-year campaigns designed to fortify and grow institutions.

For 17 years, Karyn has operated a successful consultancy firm offering a myriad of business development services to clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors representing a diverse array of industries, ranging from start-ups to global entities with billions in annual expenditures. She has a proven capacity for translating goals into action plans within financial and human capital constraints and is skilled at building consensus at all levels and divisions for new initiatives or organizational changes. Prior to opening her own agency, she spent eight years in estate and financial planning, nonprofit organizational development, public relations, best practices and corporate social responsibility.

Karyn's clients represent diverse industries such as the arts and humanities, historic preservation, architecture, social service, healthcare, trade associations, economic and rural development, tourism, environment, energy, telecommunications, social innovation, poverty, youth, education, journalism, media, governance, human rights and more.

Colin Ohrt - Consulting in the following areas: health, eliminating emerging incurable malaria, poverty, partnerships, infectious diseases, drug development, diagnostic quality improvement, epidemiology, preclinical/clinical research, eHealth. 

Dr. Ohrt is a research physician living in Vietnam for three years. He just established an NGO "Consortium for Health Action" to eliminate emerging incurable malaria and to begin to tackle its root cause, poverty. We are currently developing a "Consortium" of funders, leaders, and executors for these missions. The ConsortiumHA team believe they know how to rapidly eliminate malaria from this region in partnership. In addition, we are very interested in using technology to reduce poverty. Dr. Ohrt is a retired US Army Medical Corps Officer with more than 25 years of technical experience with infectious diseases, particularly related to malaria research, drug development, diagnostics quality improvement, epidemiology, preclinical/clinical research and site development/program implementation. He recently successfully developed and pilot tested an eHealth and pay-for-performance system with all of the interventions needed for malaria elimination in two provinces in Vietnam. He has extensive field experience in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Tanzania. COL (ret) Ohrt has a veteran-owned small business, which is qualified as service-disabled for USG funding.

Characteristics: Passion to positively impact public health, strong interest technology to improve public health/implementation science/improved adherence/value for money; straightforward, clear thinker; flexibility to work effectively in widely different professional and cultural environments; effective writer; demonstrated ability to attract funding and build partnerships.


Peter Krogh Sorensen - Consulting in the following areas: operational management, revenue growth complex multi-culture projects, UN, European Community, non-governmental, fundraising, budgeting, communications

Inspiring, seasoned, visionary General Manager with proven achievements in operational management and revenue growth within large, complex and multi-cultural contexts. I have more than 32 years of professional progressive experience from the United Nations, the European Community and from the non-governmental, private and Governmental sectors focusing on a crisis or developing countries. I have several years of practical experience - gained from several years of working as a military officer, diplomat, senior humanitarian worker and from private businesses - from the field as well as at HQ level. During my extensive career, I've fundraised, established partnerships and implementing projects within the humanitarian area with budgets of several hundred million USD and several hundred staff. Some projects include building roads and schools in Afghanistan, clinics in Iraq and capacity building in post-conflict areas. In a nutshell; I have a track record of spearheading operational and administrative improvements, excelling in demanding environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. Specialties include management, financial, communications, solution orientation, capacity development, climate change, emergency humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation and establishing new operations in crisis/development countries. Working experience include: Afghanistan, Africa (Algeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda), Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia (Russia, Ingushetia and Chechnya), Serbia, Syria, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Gordon Sumner Ph.D., Advisor - Consulting in the following areas: federal government and industry, DoD, state and local government, program management, capital formation, sales team management, veteran small business consulting

With over 36 years of experience to the Federal Government and industry, he provides support to the Department of Defense, State and local governments and other Federal agencies with a focus on program management, Guard/Reserve issues, operations, personnel management, force management, and strategic development. He works with a team of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors who's Access, Experience and Trust has enabled clients to scale their businesses - raised capital, built sales teams and strategic partnerships, launched products, grown top-line revenues, and achieved successful exits. He assists businesses, especially veteran-owned small businesses, by developing sound business strategies by building relationships with executive leaders with a focus on the Federal government. A retired Army Officer, Dr. Sumner held various leadership positions within the Department of the Army, the Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense. A decorated combat veteran, Airborne/Ranger and Army Master Aviator, he served on the Army Science Board and as the Army's representative to NATO's Army Training Group. He was responsible for the Total Army's Institutional Training base worldwide. Today, Dr. Sumner is actively involved with many non-profits supporting our veterans and their families.

Charles Ray, Senior Advisor - Consulting in the following areas: DoD, National Defense University, Vietnam, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

Charles A. Ray, a career member of the Foreign Service since 1983, has been the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Prisoners of War/Missing Personnel Affairs and Director of the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office since 2006. He is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for policy development and oversight of all matters relating to missing personnel. Mr. Ray served in the U.S. Army from 1962 to 1982, retiring with the rank of Major. During his military career, he served at a number of places in the U.S. and abroad, including two tours of duty in Southeast Asia. Since joining the Foreign Service, he has served in China and Thailand and was Deputy Chief of Mission in Sierra Leone. In 1998, he was appointed as the first U.S. Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 2002, he was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, where he served until 2005. Mr. Ray served as Diplomat in Residence at the University of Houston for the 2005-2006 academic year. Mr. Ray holds a Bachelors Degree from Benedictine College, a Masters from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University.

Pauline Matu, Advisor & Consultant -  Consulting in the following areas: international standard consultant even as Project Lead, providing quality assured results within desired timelines. People/communication and data management skills - internet, report writing and submission; national and international Justice systems like UN ad hoc tribunal - functioning in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, work environment and hardship duty stations in post-conflict resolution and peace-building programs; Consultancy and project skills - Proposals, Reports, Studies, Resource Mobilization; Collaboration with other experts, national/international staff, Donor Community and liaison with host governments/officials; International and National EIA/SEA; Research, Data management and presentation tools; Training and Conducting Learning and Preparatory forums, Stakeholder and Donor Engagement. Proven knowledge and experience in Kenya and the East Africa region. Fluent in English and Kiswahili and I have basic French capabilities

Pauline is an experienced Consultant of international standard in national and international law including IHL within the UN system, environment, policy and EIA/SEA inter alia. She has been ranked by LinkedIn as an A expert. With over 30 years of professional experience gained in a national and international context, she has a rich career as a Senior State Attorney, Corporation Secretary/Head of Secretariat for a multinational company, Investigator cum Trial Coordinator for UN-ICTR, Executive Chairperson of an environmental ombudsman, Project Lead (Legal) for Oxfam International and currently and since 1995, as the Managing Partner of her own consultancy firm and Director in another. Pauline has been a national delegate in MEAs especially on Climate Change, is currently involved in implementation processes of SDGs in Kenya and has extensive experience working with and providing services to international organizations and donor-funded projects. Her areas of expertise consist of:

Consultancy Processes including Project Management - all cycles, writing winning proposals and reporting; legal practice and advisory services; policy/legal reform and formulation; socio-economic and baseline surveys; environmental assessments (international, regional and local) and SEA/EIA reports and review. Her expertise also includes contract bidding and management; negotiation; compliance; conflict resolution using public participation too; legal writing, building strategic partnerships; high level official engagement; international donor engagement and familiarity with international donor procedures; program/project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; managing projects and team-leading; working in multifaceted settings; sustainable environmental management; institutional profiling and upscaling; resource mobilization and expenditure processes; overall quality assurance of outputs.

Ms. Matu is a highly motivated individual with a work ethic that assures optimum quality outputs. This has contributed immensely to the success of the numerous tasks that she has undertaken. Pauline is also an excellent drafter, communicator, team leader, and partnership developer.


Patrick O'Neill, Adviser - Consulting in the following areas: Crowd Funding, Food Drives, real estate development

Patrick O'Neill, Founder, and CEO of Amp Your Good-a crowd-feeding platform that radically changes and improves how food drives work by replacing the traditional physical collection model with an online donation model. Prior to this social enterprise, Patrick has been CEO of other companies, including over fifteen years, heading an award-winning real estate and development company. Patrick graduated from West Point Military Academy and served in the armed forces prior to becoming an entrepreneur.



Dr. Joni Johnston, Ph.D., Adviser - Consulting in the following areas: clinical/forensic psychology, criminal and civil cases, Mentally Disordered Offender

Dr. Johnston is a clinical/forensic psychologist and licensed private investigator who consults on criminal and civil cases throughout the U.S. She is an approved Mentally Disordered Offender (MDO) evaluator for the California Board of Parole and often evaluates inmates for the Superior Court of California - San Diego County. She has worked on the Assessment and Crisis units at R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility and has conducted over 200 independent harassment investigations for a variety of corporations and universities. She has taught forensic psychology courses at Tiffin University and Argosy's criminal justice programs. She writes a blog for Psychology Today on law and crime and has authored three books.

Juan Garland, Consultant/Adviser - Consulting in the following areas: management organizational development, diverse negotiations, talent management,leadership and multifunctional team development, corporate responsibility

Senior executive with MBA and broad experience leading teams and managing organizational development in national and multinational companies and organizations. Experience in negotiation with diverse stakeholders, including low-income communities, unions, and senior management. Effectiveness in talent management, leadership and multifunctional team development, and corporate social responsibility promotion. High competence in creating and implementing strategic plans and organizational redesign, being able to balance critical, business, financial, and human factors in decision making. Bilingual English - Spanish.


Karen Campbell, Consultant/Advisor

HR Consultant / Technical Advisor in the Public Health sector Period 01.05.2017 Organisation Independent Consultant Competencies: Please see above Previous employment Organisation Eastern Cape Department of Health Country South Africa Position Deputy Director-General: Human Resources & Corporate Services Eastern Cape Department of Health, South Africa Budget (COE) ZAR13.5 billion Staff complement 51,000 Period 10.12.2012 to 30.04.2017 Management of Provincial Human Resources Strategic and Operational Planning, COE budget management, Organisational Development, Performance Management, Job Evaluation, Recruitment and Selection, HR Administration, PERSAL salary system, HR Management Information System, Labour Relations, Employee Benefits and Employee Wellness Provincial Training and Development Management of Training, Health Professions Training Grant, Bursary Scheme, Clinical Teaching Platform, Medical Registrar Program, Foreign Health Worker Program and oversight of Nursing Colleges Provincial Corporate Services Legal Services, Communication Services, Safety and Security Services, Registry and Archiving, Knowledge Management and Medical Staff and Office Accommodation Provincial ICT Management and implementation of provincial connectivity Reason for leaving I prefer the consulting field and working on different assignments Client USAID / Ministry of Health / selected Provincial Departments Contractor BroadReach Health Care, Cape Town Country South Africa Position Senior Consultant Period 01 September 2011 to November 2012 Tasks Strengthening Human Resources services with the emphasis on Performance Management technical support and training in the selected health districts Reason for leaving More challenging post at the Eastern Cape Department of Health Client USAID / Ministry of Health Project Zambia Integrated Systems Support for the Ministry of Health (ZISSP) Contractor Abt. Associates Country Zambia Position Long-term Technical Advisor - HRH Period February to July 2011 (6 months - my choice*) Tasks Provide technical support to the Zambian Health Workers' Retention Scheme and for strategic Human Resources Management, Planning and Development Reason for leaving *I wanted to return to South Africa after five years out of country Client NORAD Project Evaluation of 35 years of NORAD Support to the Ministry of Health Contractor Health Partners International (HPI) United Kingdom Sub-contractor HERA - right to health (Belgium) Country Botswana Position Senior Consultant Period 42 days (March and April 2010) Task On the team that conducted an evaluation of 35 years of NORAD support to the Ministry of Health. My role was to evaluate the impact of the support on Human Resources and Training and to determine the Return on Investment. Reason for leaving End of assignment Client DANIDA Project Evaluation of the Health Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Health Contractor HERA - right to health (Belgium) Country Kenya Position Senior Consultant Period 25 days (November 2010) Task On the team tasked with the evaluation of the previous Health Strategic Plan and writing up of the next five-year strategic plan for the Ministry of Health in Kenya. My role was to evaluate and write the Human Resources and Training components of the plan. Reason for leaving End of assignment Client Ministry of Health in Zambia Project Health Systems Strengthening Contractor Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) Sub-contractor HERA - right to health (Belgium) Country Zambia Period January 2007 to December 2010 Position Long-term Technical Advisor- HR Task --To provide strategic technical support to the Directorate of HR --Developing the strategic and operational plans for Human Resources --Revitalising the Zambian Health Workers' Retention Scheme --Training and capacity-building of HR teams On team writing Global Fund proposals for the Ministry of Health Working with funders and supporters at the SIDA, Royal Netherlands Embassy, DfID, Canadian International Development Agency, MOH officials, the European Commission, Philanthropic Societies (ELMA) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) Working with international academic institutions and the MOH on the development of a curricula for the Community Health Worker program Reason for leaving End of contract (4 years) 2006 Contract (a) Human Resources Management Consultant (50% FTE) Contractor Health Systems Trust Country South Africa Position Consultant Period January to December 2006 Task Management of HR function (including labour relations), development of a Human Resources Policy and Procedure Manual, implementation of the Performance Management System and facilitating Interpersonal Skills training 2006 Contract (b) Consultant (50% FTE) Contractor Health Development Africa Country South Africa Position Senior Consultant Period January to December 2006 Task On team working on the Technical Support Facility Southern Africa with the objective of strengthening the capacity of Short-Term Technical Assistants in SADC and the co-development of the TSF newsletter and Consultant training guidelines Training Attended HIV/AIDS workshop at WHO in Geneva, Switzerland Reason for leaving End of twelve-month contract Client Ado-Ekiti Federal State - Ministry of Health Project Development and implementation of an Essential Services and Systems Package (ESSP) for Ado-Ekiti State Contractor PATHS (Partnerships for Transforming Health Systems) Sub-contractor Health Partners International, UK Country Nigeria Position Senior Consultant Period 40 days Task Team member for the development of the ESSP package, develop cluster performance indicators and evaluation mechanisms for Primary Health Care. My role was to determine the Human Resources and Training needs for the ESSP, developing an integrated strategy for good governance and the development of training plans and providing technical assistance for the development of the training curriculum of the Community Health Extension Workers Reason for leaving End of assignment Client Ministry of Health, Malawi Project Improving Hospital Management Systems Contractor USAID / Management Sciences for Health Sub-contractor Health Partners Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Country Malawi Period November 2003 - December 2005 Position Technical Advisor: Human Resources & Administration Task Evaluation of existing HR and HRD policies and plans Development of HRH Policy and Procedure Manuals Development of Hospital Administration Policy and Procedure manual Development of a series of booklets on Good Governance, Managing Performance, Running Effective Management Meetings, Designing Hospital Registry Systems' and Management of Discipline in Health Systems and a Hospital Manager's Toolkit. College of Medicine, Blantyre, Malawi Guest Lecturer for the HRH Module of the Master's in Public Health Program, with sub-modules on Human Resources Management Planning and Performance Management Reason for leaving End of contract Client Ministry of Health Contractor UNDP/KPMG Consulting Botswana Sub-contractor Health Partners Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd Country Botswana Position Consultant Duration Ten days over March/April 2005 Task To determine the staffing needs of the Ministry of Health Botswana's Health Training education institutions and to provide guidance for an integrated training approach for the Ministry of Health, Botswana Organisation Eastern Cape Department of Health Country South Africa Position Chief Director: Corporate Services Period September 2001 to August 2003 Total staff 34,000 Function Management of the Human Resources Directorate Management of COE Budget of ZAR289 million Management of all HRH and Training functions HRH Strategic and Operational planning Management of the Nursing Colleges Management of Emergency Medical Services Management of Transport Services Management of the Foreign Doctors' Programme Reason for leaving End of two-year contract Organisation South African Red Cross Society Country South Africa Position Human Resources and Training Director Period May 2000 to August 2001 Function Development of a new human resources management system Implementation of a new payroll and pension fund system Development of the training manual for HIV/AIDS Revision of the Home-based Care and First Aid programs Corporate Governance training for management and board members Reason for leaving Head-hunted for Chief Director position in the Eastern Cape Department of Health in Bhisho HRM and HRD Strategic and Operational Planning, COE Budget Management, Annual Recruitment Planning, Organisational Development, Performance Management, Research, Report-writing, Global Fund proposal-writing (Zambia), Country Program and Project Evaluation, Training and lecturing, Course material development, Policy & Procedure manual development and implementation, HR Information Systems, Job Evaluation, Conflict Resolution, Recruitment and Selection and development of Induction packages Management of Medical Registrar programmes, Health Professions Training Grant, Clinical Bursary Schemes, setting up of Clinical Teaching Platforms, Management of Foreign Health Worker Programme and Oversight over the Provincial Nursing Colleges, Community Health Worker curriculum development, Excellent English writing skills

Dr. Sara Hill, Consultant Adviser - Consulting in the following areas: nonprofit, community education, administration, program management, program evaluation, research, website development

Dr Sara Hill has a depth and breadth of experience in the nonprofit field, ranging from community education, administration, program management, program evaluation, research, writing, website development and curation, professional development/training, to technical assistance provision. She has been engaged in international as well as domestic (U.S.) work. For example: As a consultant for ChildFund International, Dr. Hill worked on a variety of projects, such as writing and editing their staff manual, and researching and writing a white paper on International Youth Literacy programs. In addition, she was sent to three of their funded programs, one in Belarus, to document innovative youth development programs, the goal being to write a guide for other ChildFund programs. One of Dr. Hill's last projects for ChildFund was to review their U.S. programs and to present my findings to their board which was under new leadership. Dr. Hill has written and disseminated agency e-newsletters, was the managing editor for the journal, Afterschool Matters, She has written hundreds of reports, and is currently the editor/curator of a website called the Youth Today OST Hub. In addition, she has extensive experience in technical assistance and training. Currently, Dr. Hill has been running Appreciative Inquiry workshops-this is an approach to working with management and communities to reflect on the good work that they are currently doing, build on it, and envision and plan future projects. This approach has been implemented domestically as well as internationally.



























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