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AllHumanity Group and the AllHumanity Network is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to helping people in need globally.

It is a social network of everyday folks who wish to reach out and help others. The AllHumanity Group has been on the forefront of humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and child advocacy and education around the world for over a decade.

Projects in such places as South Africa, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, South America and in the United States of America have helped untold hundreds of friend's in need.

The AllHumanity Group's purpose is to provide leading-edge technology and services to the humanitarian sector to increase reach, impact and sustainability.

The AllHumanity Group is based on an compelling humanitarian vision, backed by a founder who has spent over nearly fifteen years in full-time humanitarian activities.

The AllHumanity Group‘s goal is to have a humanitarian presence in every location on the planet - providing resources, assistance, guidance, business acumen and local empowerment with comprehensive platform support and management.

The AllHumanity Group strives to identify areas where there exists poverty, hunger and crises situations, and then plan and implement long term culturally-correct solutions for the universal relief of that suffering - without a political agenda that gets in the way of providing that relief.

"We believe that all lives have equal value, and think that all people deserve the chance to have healthy, productive lives - regardless of their religion or geopolitical situation." - AllHumanity Group Founder - Robert J. Cipriano

Our Values

Think big, fact based
Have beliefs, and act upon them
Be agile
Lead by example
Be challenging to others and accept the challenges
Connect to, and foster operational excellence
Partner with the best in each field
Be accountable for our decisions at all times
Be Open & Dialogue on all matters
Never cut corners
Act ethically and responsibly, treat others with respect
Be a good partner to our partners
No politics



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