AHN World SDG Concerts

17 AllHumanity SDG World Concerts

AllHumanity World SDG Concerts

Honoring The 193 SDG Signing Heads of States Creating An Unprecedented Global Compact

The Call


Global media and world-wide communities are 

captivated by intensifying conflict in North Korea and

human suffering across the Syrian region. Even amidst

these and other global concerns, it is of vital

importance to pivot attention to an emerging and

promising hope for a sustainable new world reality. Our

promising new reality was solidified by the UN uniting

193-member states in agreement of how the world

should look by the year 2030. Implementing the 17

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will indeed

afford a better future. Despite vast differences on

religion, values, and cultural frames the national leaders

have agreed to focus on the common needs over short-

sighted indifference's. The world has yet to truly

celebrate the unprecedented act of unity and leadership

formalized by the signing of the SDGs. Our opportunity

for a new world reality was started by Kofi Annan,

Michael Moller and many tenacious team members

who initiated the Millennium Development Goals. Ban

Ki Moon and his team who took the torch and delivered

the base on which all 193 heads of states were able to

finalize and unanimously sign all 17 SDGs with 164

elaborating sub goals. Moreover, we want to celebrate

the people, companies, NGOs, nonprofits, agencies,

and other entities who have already adopted and

advanced the SDG objectives. AllHumanity and

UNGSII have joined efforts to build a unique annual

global platform to honor and remember all those, who

took the initiative to restore global hope.

The Answer

The 17 AllHumanity SDG World Concerts

Commencing 2018, 17 live tribute Concerts, across 5

Global Continents, will be performed Friday thru

Sunday each weekend ahead of Sep 25. These concerts

will foster better understanding of the SDGs and

increase participation in the sustainability objectives.

The concerts will also afford a forum to thank all the

leaders who helped building this unique Global

Compact. Our inaugural year's festivities will conclude

September 27th, which is the same day 193 Heads of

States signed the 17 SDGs in 2015. From Tokyo to San

Francisco, in 17 UN hubs, the most iconic stars from all

continents will perform in concerts to celebrate the

courage and thought leadership by those who

developed, championed, and signed the SDGs.

Entertainment industry stars who have their own

foundation supporting one or more of the 17 SDGs will

be given the history making Live Global Stage.

Senior Leaders from the UN, as well as the 193 heads


of states (SDG signatory, active and former, Heads of

States) will be invited to join one of the concerts to

share with the world the most impressive of all SDG

projects for their state. This global concert forum will

advance actualizing each head of state implementation

vision of SDG adoption. SDG acclaimed celebrities and

public figures will also call to the stage and honor Best

Practice cases, across industries and social groups,

demonstrating SDG advancements. 

The 17 Concerts AllHumanity SDG Concerts will have

simultaneous venues taking place from Tokyo via Seoul

and Cairo, Nairobi, Capetown via Bonn, Copenhagen,

Geneva, Paris and Vienna to New York and San

Francisco. Collectively, these concerts will engage and

empower large audiences expanded even further

through a wide range of Media delivery to create

visibility, hope and sustainability for future generations.

Also, diverse competitions in the arts, sciences and

innovation will take place to ensure the world is aware

of the talents and empathy performed by the next

generation of our youth. A premium will be placed on elevating the

next generation's interest and capability to take

ownership of their future through their own adoption of

the SDGs.

The Deliverables

(1) Musicians, Celebrities and Public Figures around

the world gain visibility for their own SDG related


(2) Former heads of states, as well as former leaders of

the UN, such as Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon, will

be invited to remain visible for their achievements to further

accelerate advancement and adoption of SDGs

delivering a Sustainable Future

(3) The next generation will become visible around

their own skills and talent empowering them to grow as

leaders. Through the wide-spread SDG adoption by the

"Youth of Today", we will indeed see a better tomorrow

that starts now.

The Ask 


The AllHumanity Group and its partners will build a network of

All Stars in the field of UN, UIN, IPU as well as NGOs

and nonprofits working in different areas to implement

the SDGs in the most transparent and efficient way to

receive parts of the funds raised with the 17

AllHumanity SDG World Concerts. Conservatively, the

17 concerts are estimated to raise $24m (USD) per

concert location (about $400m total). The concert

proceeds will be controlled by AllHumanity,

Implementation success will be monitored on a

quarterly base by a third party and presented each year

again at the next 17 AllHumanity SDG World Concert


Potential Locations






Montreal (Bell Centre)

New York

San Francisco


Bangkok (IMPACT Arena)


Seoul (Jamsil Arena)

Taiwan (Taipei Arena)

Istanbul (Volkswagen Arena)











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