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UN Strategic Learning Exchange- Engaging with Faith Organizations & Communities for Sustainable Development

Literacy on Religion & Religious Dynamics for International Practitioners working towards Sustainable Development, Human Rights & Peace and Security

The course was hosted under the auspices of UNFPA by Azza Karam. It was very well attended by faith-based organizations and UN representatives. A few JLI Board Members were among the co-hosts- JLI Board Members Rob Radtke, Episcopal Relief & Development and Anwar Khan, Islamic Relief USA also made remarks. Case studies were presented on partnering with faith organizations in the development and humanitarian work.

Course objectives:

DAY 1: To explore the linkages between faith, humanitarian, development, peace, and security work, and what religious and faith organizations and communities bring as value-added to this work or as specific challenges.

What are the linkages between faith and the SDGs?

Increased understanding of the linkages between religion and SDGs in contemporary contexts with a view to intergovernmental dynamics (including globalization, political change, conflict, peace and security, climate change, economic and financial contexts and impact on aid effectiveness, social inclusion, cultural diversity, etc.);

How do these interlinkages manifest in practical development efforts at the intergovernmental as well as at field-levels?

DAY 2: To appreciate how faith practically interacts with development and humanitarian work. To that end, to discuss respective case studies highlighting opportunities and challenges of working with religious communities and faith-based organizations in the development and humanitarian work.

What are the challenges - and opportunities - about working on the religion nexus with development, peace and security and human rights, on the SDG agenda?
How can we work better together across the differences (institutional, ideological/religious to secure delivery on the SDGs?

For more information please see agenda and case studies



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  • Ajay says:

    Great initiative for the success of SDGs. I believe, It had been always lethal to write or address in favor or against the institutionalized faith of human being divided by several religious and political strictures. For a “unanimous conclusion” to tackle the clashes between religion and state, theism and atheism, first of all we will have to define the basis for moral and religious education according to the needs of this contemporary world, without disgracing the belief of any humankind, to prevent the further rise of hate religious campaigns and achieve the global peace for the success of SDGs in actual fact. ITS SIMPLY POSSIBLE ! LETS TRY !

    March 7, 2018 at 10:45 PM | Permalink

  • Robert says:

    AllHumanity is about working with people to produce results no matter the religious or cultural bridges. We attempt to weight the "talk" with the "walk". Is the talk producing verifiable results in terms of people being helped NOW, or in the nearest of futures or are people just talking about how they feel about this aspect or that aspect of humanitarian subjects? Who is doing what and how are they doing what the do!

    March 8, 2018 at 6:13 AM | Permalink


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