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Organisation Name: Safe Humanity Foundation
Contact Details: Clara Chaderopa
Address No 6369, Mkoba 18, Gweru
Cell:0712 808963/713982253
Phone 00263-54255032
Year of Establishment 2004
Registration Status Registered PVO 10/2013
Thematic Area: Child Care


Zimbabwe is one of the countries in the Sub Saharan region most affected by the Aids pandemic. As a result of the high morbidity and mortality associated with the pandemic, there is an increase in the number of orphans and child-headed households. Although the majority of the children have become orphans as a direct result of the AIDS pandemic, some children are also orphaned or deemed highly vulnerable because of disability, early marriage, neglect, abuse or run away from home and live on the streets. Some of these children, because of the loss of the family fiber, end up in the streets. Overall, the numbers of children affected by HIV are staggering. Recently, UNICEF announced that Zimbabwe has the highest percentage of children orphaned by AIDS, with almost one in every four children have lost at least one parent to the disease. This has led to a total orphan population of 1.6 million children. Despite a significant fall in the prevalence of HIV in Zimbabwe, the number of children that need to be taken off the streets and given assistance is still a point of concern. In the backdrop of this gloom picture, Safe Humanity Foundation established and registered an organization to cater for the welfare of homeless children.

Safe Humanity Foundation was founded in 2004, in the city of Gweru, in Midlands province by Chaderopa Clarah, who grew up as an orphan after her parents perished in a car accident.  She grew up in a very miserable environment and her development passion with life, especial the neglected ones, eg orphans. Ms. Chaderopa took first two boys into her custody after their parents died from the pandemic disease and when all their relatives failed to take care of them and they resort to live in streets. The number of these children increased and currently, there are thirty- three { 33} children under the care of the organization where they receive their daily needs, like food, clothing, accommodation, and well-being. These children are living in scattered shelters and the organization is looking for a plan to build these shelters close to each for easy monitoring. Safe Humanity Foundation is renting some houses in the city where some of the children stay crowded because there is no proper accommodation. However, the organization has a committee which is working flat out with the local community on the issue of shelter. So far they have integrated 4 houses for only twenty-one children living some children unsheltered. They are looking forward to facilitating accommodation for the remaining number and yet, there are more children in the communities that are homeless and need to be institutionalized before a suitable home is identified. Each foster home has 4 to 5 children depending on the size of the house and affordability of the committee member staying with them because the organization's resources are limited. Safe humanity Foundation has acquired a piece of land to build another suitable accommodation for homeless children in Redcliff, Kwekwe, Midlands province 46km from the Gweru

Aims and Objectives of the Safe Humanity Foundation Project

• To offer accommodation and ultimately a home for children in difficult circumstances e.g those living in the street.

• To work with DSWPS to reintegrate children from zero years to 21years and place children in foster care, children who fail to get foster homes.

• To provide education, skills and the necessary financial backstopping to foster parents to ensure the children grow up in an environment that stimulates growth and development.

• To give institutionalized children as close to a home environment as possible by prudently using the little resources available.

• To pay school fees, buy school uniforms and pay for other school-related

• To train children in foster homes and their families in income-generating projects so that they supplement their household income and become self-sufficient.

• To provide supplementary food and basic medical supplies to foster families so that they are able to look after the children under their care.
Problem Statement

Many children are coming but we are unable to take them due to limited resources of the organization. The foundation is unable to give decent accommodation, food, and clothing to the children who are living under its care. The projects and subscriptions by the members is far too little to assist the clientele group. From January 2015, the organization started turning back all the referred children by Social Services department and other departments because of unlimited resources. Safe Humanity Foundation cannot accommodate all the homeless children that are referred to it. Mostly we leave these children suffering failing to assist them. We run some projects like poultry and vegetable vending but these have failed to sustain our organization.

The foundation is making the effort that the children that are looked after by the institution live in an environment that simulates the home environment as closely as possible. The Foundation is, therefore, seeking funding to construct a state of the art institution to care for homeless children in the city of Gweru.


Every child deserves a bright future and this future is only guaranteed if the child grows up in a normal environment, getting all the necessary support to grow into a productive citizen. The desire to see every Zimbabwean child being accorded an opportunity to become a productive citizen is the driving force behind the establishment of the organization and this proposal. The organisation respects human rights that every child has the right to life, education, live, play and grow and it is these rights that are the driving force behind Safe Humanity Foundation to pay special attention to the plight of homeless children and appeal to the world at large to join forces in ensuring that homeless children are given an equal opportunity to grow and explore their full potential as equal citizens of a free and sovereign state.

The motivation for Safe Humanity Foundation

Safe Humanity Foundation is inspired by the desire to assist orphans Who have been adversely affected by the economic decay and the devastating effects of AIDS into well behaved, responsible and productive citizens of Zimbabwe. In the current economic turmoil, relatives are often overwhelmed by the needs of their own families and cannot afford to look after the orphans left by their relatives. The care of these children is often the task of grandparents who do not have the energy or the resources to take care of these children. As a result, these children either live on their own in children headed households or take to the streets where they lead a delinquent life. The socio-economic situation has also led to an increase in the number of mothers who abandon their children at birth.

Guiding Principles and Statutes

Safe Humanity Foundation is guided and is bound by standing principles and statutes that govern the welfare of children regarding various aspect of child growth and development.


According to section 25 of the 1995 children's Act, a local authority shall provide accommodation to any homeless child who resides in their area of jurisdiction and requires such provision whether the child has been orphaned, abandoned or is living under abusive circumstances. The local authority, however, does not have the capacity to provide such services and hence relegates the responsibility to charitable organizations such as Safe Humanity Foundation. Safe Humanity Foundation is guided by Article 18 of the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child which promotes foster parenting or an environment that resembles home as closely as possible. However, there are situations where foster parenting facilities are not readily available and children need to be institutionalized in the interim while a suitable foster home is being identified.


According to the African Charter, every child has the right to basic education. As such, Safe Humanity Foundation prioritizes education to all the children under its care, both institutionalized and those under foster parents. As the organization is lacking resources, the Foundation is only able to cater for their uniforms and exercise-books because schools in our country do not provide these. These are the expenses we struggle to achieve paying using money from the projects stated above, for all the children from primary up to tertiary level. The foundation also has plans for life skills training program for both children and foster parents. This improves self-sufficiency on the part of the foster parents and reduces dependency on the foundation for the day to day upkeep of the children.

Nutrition and Health

The foundation is much more concerned about the well being of the children and has established a healthcare unit, where there is an engagement of a nurse through the City health department to ensure all the children receive their medical care because most of these children got the infection through their parents. They receive free medication from the health department according to the doctor's instruction e.g hospitals. To ensure food security, the foundation intends to implement income generating projects at the center where some of the food produced is distributed to children in foster homes and proceeds from the sale of some of the products is used for the general upkeep of the children.

Project Summary

Safe Humanity foundation proposes to construct a decent accommodation with the capacity of more than 150 children, for the vulnerable life in Gweru. Midlands Province. Currently, the foundation has 33 children living in residential care under the supervision of the organizational committee and community at large. Many children are being referred from various walks of life and the Department of Social Services is sending more homeless children to the foundation. Although there are more children coming we are unable to foster them because of limited resources and as a result, we are living more children out unattended, with no food and accommodation The foundation is looking forward to building another house to be able to accommodate more other children at a piece of land it has acquired. The plans are to complete the construction in one year. Safe Humanity Foundation is appealing for funding to immediately embark on construction of the home.

The foundation proposes to construct four semi-detached blocks of houses each with three bedrooms, a lounge, and a study/computer room. Each house will be assigned a house parent to take care of the children and will be provided with the necessary provision for the children living in that house. This system promotes bonding among the children and will facilitate the process of integration when children leave for foster homes or are reunited with their families. Among other structures, the Foundation proposes to construct an administration block and a preschool for smaller children. The Foundation will embark on income generating activities to ensure sustainability of the project. Potential IGPs have already been identified and feasibility studies are being conducted.

Fund management

The Foundation will establish a robust accounting system to account for all monetary and non-monetary transactions. All expenses will be recorded and receipts filed for audit purposes. The Foundation will contribute locally available resources, e.g sand, quarry stone, labor which is seen as a use of some expertise within the community to cut down costs. A bank account will be maintained through which all transactions will be conducted. The construction will be done by a reputable company duly adjudicated after proper tender procedures have been followed.

Material resources required

Construction materials for the home:

15 window frames and planes
5000 bricks
150 bags of cement
60 rolls of brick force
15 planks for roofing
75 roof sheets
9 doors
20 tins of paint
250 boxes of tiles

The other materials have been donated by the local community

4 Computers
10 Beds
30 Linen


School fees and uniforms
Borehole and water storage tanks/power backup
Cash for construction-related expenses such as paying builders

Project Monitoring

Safe Humanity Foundation management Board will be responsible for monitoring the project and ensuring it is completed on time. A dedicated manager will be assigned to ensure the day to day activities are on track. Progress reports will be shared with the relevant authorities and board members and board meetings to discuss progress convened as necessary.

Budget (contact Clara for budgeting information)



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