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Nature is our source of beauty, joy, and inspiration including all that we need for living on our planet Earth. Nature is all-inclusive. Nature is free for the taking for those of us with the ability to get out from our city environs when time permits. For those within Therapeutic facilities or impeded with various handicaps, accessing Nature is, regrettably a remote possibility.

"INVIROVR suggest fewer carbs and more Nature. Nature has 0 calories per serving and provides you with beauty, joy, and most of all peace of mind. Take a healthy virtual serving of Nature, 5 minutes twice a day, minimum.

The mission of INVIROVR is to Virtually introduce "NATURE" our most treasured resource into Hospice and all Therapeutic facilities throughout the world. Inherently Nature has the ability to inspire, reduce stress and anxiety while at the same time create feelings of well-being, joy, and ease.


Why do we frequent Nature far less today than 50-100 years ago? The sprawling Urban landscape, for the most part, has replaced much of the natural environments we once had nearby our homes and small towns with concrete and buildings. The possibility of comfortably reaching the countryside or beaches has become less obtainable due to time constraints, increased travel distances, complicated lifestyles and monetary costs. The explosion in digital technology that we have so willingly embraced is superficially filling the void that Natures grandeur once held for us. Now is the time to consider new means of reincorporating Nature into our lifestyles even if done virtually, not as a replacement but as a fill-in until we can make our next great escape out of the environs of the city back to NATURE. It seems strange and absurd to propose such an idea, but the reality is, technology has become more integrated into every aspect of our lives and continues to do so at unprecedented levels. The writing is on the wall and now is the time to consider alternatives.

The expanding gulf between humanity and Nature can now be bridged by the very source that has helped create the chasm. Virtual Reality technology is today's doorway into immersive experiential content. The visual content we consume, as much as the foods we eat impacts our lives on many levels. Virtual Reality can now provide us the extraordinary possibility of bringing an all-inclusive immersive experience within Nature, no matter where we are. The credible reality that envelopes us when experiencing Virtual Reality effects, the body-mind as if one were physically in the great outdoors. In some cases, the results can be even more powerful than actually being in Nature, due to the fact that many of us today don't have practical experience in Natural environs which can create anxiety for many lacking experiences when camping or hiking in the deep woods. Virtual Reality content also enables participants to experience Nature with the absence of mosquitos, hungry bears, and inclement weather resulting in lowered stress levels while increasing well-being. When using prescriptive content like that offered by INVIROVR keep in mind this standard. When the doctor prescribes; 4 pills every 6 hours for a period of 7 days, we follow instructions knowing it is the continuance of the drug that imparts its healing. Stopping after one or two days wouldn’t do the job, and the same applies to Nature and VR-content. Example: VR-Prescription: View prescribed VR-content 4 times a day minimum, 5 minutes each time. Use headphones if possible and include aromatherapy. Follow VR-therapy for at least the next 10 days and continue the rest of your life if possible. The same course of action applies to VR-Therapy in that experiencing a video numerous times will more readily provide the desired effect of healing and well-being that just one immersion. There is lots to be discovered regarding visual/nature-based therapy, I am looking for collaborators.

The door is now open to those in healthcare as well as the public-sector to embrace anew, Nature with her beauty, inspiration and healing properties by integrating Nature through VR as a non-toxic, uplifting and entertaining holistic healing modality.

David Hoptman founder of Invirovr has produced a library of high-quality prescriptive Nature-based VR-content to be integrated into an innovative therapeutic healing modality that naturally enhances existing therapeutic protocols. Invirovr creates artistic Nature-based virtual reality content intended to be used within Therapeutic facilities including Hospice, Hospital care, Senior citizen residences as well as to those who simply want to renew their connection with Nature from their home or office.

There is lots more to read on  please keep me posted with any suggestions or if you may have an interest in collaborating. INVIROVR@GMAIL.COM

Below are a few links that are samplings from my library. Take your 5-minute break right now and view these links below on your computer screen or cell phone. View at least at 2k resolution on your computer or the results will be disappointing, turn up the sound! this link contains my full library as well as some video’s from my newest series, bringing an artistic bent into Nature_Transformations.  VR_360_CostaRicaBeachHeaven_Caribbean 360-VR-NM-COLO-CA_Nature-Beauty of the Southwest





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  • Robert says:

    I observed some of your work linked above on Vimeo and I can see some major implications for the inclusion of this work in CAMS (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) for people working through a variety of physical and mental health challenges. Do you have any studies that you are engaged with to evidence the efficacy of this work as an integrated component of treatment protocols? I am particularly interested in PTSD CAMS; however, I have interest in other CAMS areas of focus too. My main interest is the advancement of CAMS that reduce or eliminate the need/use of pharmaceuticals...especially psychotropic and antidepressant drugs.

    Robert Reid

    April 17, 2018 at 6:34 AM | Permalink

  • Clarah says:

    "Nature" I do agree with you Mr Robert Reid, nature is the source of everything. Everyone 's life is NATURE and it is real if technology would allow It . We can also live Abraham ' s years if there was no disruption of 'nature' by technology .
    Most health problems faced by individual are linked to NATURE s disturbance .

    thanks for this discussion , I have digested a lot and will encourage my community to understand natural environment

    April 18, 2018 at 3:12 AM | Permalink

  • David says:


    I saw your reply on the ALL HUMANITY NETWORK to my short article regarding healing vr and Nature. I do have a research document relating to a prior installation I did at a facility in Albuquerque NM here is the link I am happy to discuss this in depth if you are interested. Right now a company called LIMBX is using my Nature Based VR content with patients with PTSD... they are using it as a decompression source. I can tell you more about that as well.
    I know I am on the right path the problem being is finding the right people to collaborate with. I am open to being involved in any way that I can to get this concept integrated into healthcare/hospice, etc. etc.
    Please contact me if you have the desire and fortitude to help me make this a practical solution in augmenting healthcare protocols. There are many people that have contacted me with enthusiasm but without a real sense of commitment. TEL:505 328-5061

    April 19, 2018 at 8:43 AM | Permalink

  • David says:

    Posted below are some links from some of my most recent articles regarding Nature as the healing source and Virtual Reality.

    NOW is the time to pursue innovative VIRTUAL healing methodologies as a ground-breaking health care initiative.

    Living in Urbanville, Nature has always been a concept just out of reach except for the weekends, holidays and vacations.

    NATURE is the Healing Source and Elixir we are all greatly missing from our diets due to Urban Sprawl.
    Virtual Care Kills the Killer_STRESS

    April 19, 2018 at 8:48 AM | Permalink


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