New debate: Can tech save the world?

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Cryptovaluta, big data, apps, and drones, along with Silicon Valleys largest technology companies, are in the spotlight when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the support for innovative technology in development policy efforts.

With the title of techvelopment, it is suggested that digital technology and the major technology companies will contribute more and more to solving global problems such as hunger, disease, and poverty. Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon may be ready to go over where the World Bank, Danida, and NGOs do not have to.

But can tech companies go to the NGO's errand? Where are the pitfalls when NGO's work is replaced by technology and apps in poverty reduction? And how do we translate the technological achievements to the benefit of people in the world's focal points?

With our panel, we have politicians, researchers, tech experts, tech companies and organizations, each sharing their ideas and expectations for techvelopment.

"There is no doubt that techvelopment has a great potential in development cooperation." Ulla Tørnæs (V) Minister for Development


Ulla Tørnæs
Ulla Tørnæs (V) Development

Minister Since 2016, Ulla Tørnæs has been Minister of Development Cooperation in the VLAK Government, where she has focused on women's rights, private companies and latest technology development. This is the second time that Ulla Tørnæs takes her throne as Minister of Development - a post she also contested from 2005 to 2010. She has previously been Minister of Education and Research and a Member of the European Parliament.

Marianne Haahr
Marianne Haahr, Independent Advisor

Former Project Manager in Sustania, the Global Opportunity Project at Monday morning and Communications and Advocacy Manager at CARE Denmark Development. Marianne Haahr is a graduate of geography from the University of Copenhagen (2004) and holds a master in human rights and democratization from the Inter-European Institute of Human Rights in Italy. Has been stationed in Zambia and Niger. From 2018 Marianne Haahr is an independent adviser focused on tech and impact.

Louise Koch
Louise Koch, CSR lead, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Dell

Corporate Social Responsibility is the focal point of Louise Koch's career. She is responsible for CSR in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the technology company Dell. She is a former CSR manager in Dansk Erhverv and has worked with global partnerships for Grundfoss. Louise Koch is an anthropologist from the University of Copenhagen and was in 2016 on the Global List of the 100 most influential CSR leaders in the world.


Anna Cecilia Frellsen, CEO, Maternity Foundation
Anna Cecilia Frellsen has since 2013 been the director of the Danish Maternity Foundation Development Agency, which aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality in developing countries, including through the use of digital solutions like The Safe Delivery App. Anna Cecilia Frellsen is also on the board of the association Bryd Tavsheden. She has an MBA from IESE Business School and has worked for seven years as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. Anna helped establish the InsidePeople consultancy firm in 2009 and contributed to the Institute for Future Research Magazine Scenario.

Eva Grambye
Eva Grambye, Deputy Director, Department of Human Rights

Eva Grambye is Deputy Director of the Department of Human Rights with responsibility for the international area. She is a graduate of cand.scient.pol and has a senior education from Harvard Business School and INSEAD. Eva Grambye has worked for the United Nations, been stationed in New York, Geneva and Washington, and is from a position as Head of Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has been working on green growth, development and human rights for over 20 years.


Jacob Lennheden, Independent Technology Development and Innovation Consultant, Escalino For
the last ten years, Jacob Lennheden has worked on tech development, innovation and entrepreneurship in East, West and Central Africa. Former Managing Partner at the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity, where he helps public leaders with creativity and digital management. Jacob founded the organization GMin, who in 2013 won Rockefeller's "Next Century Innovators Award" for his work on innovation and youth in Africa. Jacob is a graduate of CBS in Business and Development Studies.

Adam Moe Fejerskov
Adam Moe Fejerskov, Researcher, Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS)

Adam Moe Fejerskov researches in development cooperation, international organizations and new actors. He has recently published articles about the new players in development cooperation and developing countries as a global laboratory for technical progress.


Tobias Hagmann, researcher, Roskilde University
Tobias Hagmann teaches development studies and global studies at Roskilde University and researches the Danida-funded project "Governing Economic Hubs and flows in Somali East Africa" (GOVSEA). Tobias Hagmann and Adam Moe Fejerskov write together.


UNHCR, UN Refugee Organization

UN Refugee Organization protects refugees worldwide who are forced to flee from their homes because of persecution or conflict. In Denmark, UNHCR has regional representation for northern Europe in the UN city by spokeswoman Elisabeth Arnsdorf Haslund.



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