Press Release: AllHumanity Network Joining Hands with UpLifTV To Provide Nonprofits Access to Featured Created Documentaries for

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Laguna Beach, CA, April 13, 2018: Robert J. Cipriano, CEO of The AllHumanity Group and Founder of AllHumanity Network and Bob Higley, CEO of UpLifTV are developing a plan that will be a collaboration between UpLifTV and AllHumanity to help nonprofit organizations in UN approved countries to receive television coverage on UpLifTV in the United States, the most generous country in the world. This TV coverage will help these nonprofit organizations, tell their story to millions of people, so they can obtain the needed financial support to help their cause. The airing of approved created productions on UplifTV which is currently available to over 24 million households via DirecTV, Frontier Communications, Hotwire Communications, Buckeye Broadband and Consolidated Communications, reaching every city and state in the USA. Expansion into multiple UplifTV branded TV Everywhere devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers on an international basis including major services such as Apple TV, GooglePlay, Amazon Fire and Roku bringing UplifTV content truly global, and, fundraising opportunities for nonprofits and massively increased exposure to TV audiences who already have a desire to serve people and humanity as a whole.

This is an exciting opportunity for nonprofits to take their unique and special messages which represent their work assisting people in crisis globally and deliver it into the eyes, ears, and hearts of millions of Christian households who, by way of faith and conviction, have the opportunity to help via donations, grants, foundational gifts to the nonprofits and to further Uplift's growth and outreach. Bob Higley, the CEO of UplifTV, shared that AllHumanity Network is all about humanitarian sustainable partnerships created for social good and the SDGs.  

"We are all a part of humanity and, as such, need to work together in an organized way to achieve the betterment of society. Robert Cipriano, CEO of The AllHumanity Group stated that "for far too long there has existed a canyon-wide gap between all the wonderful projects taking place within the UN allied or affiliated humanitarian groups, and the highly motivated faith-based friends and partners. This vast gap must close in order to really maximize the impact set forth in the UN Global SDG Goals. We have two very motivated groups of people doing their very best to deal with hunger, poverty, gender equality, education, healthcare and sustainable development."

UplifTV is an innovative new faith and family television network featuring a balance of inspirational movies, documentaries, TV series, ministry programs and humanitarian specials. UplifTV is owned by Olympusat Corporation with studios in West Palm Beach FL. Olympusat owns 30 TV networks and oversees a total of 70 TV networks managing such services as cable and satellite distribution as well as TV everywhere services. UplifTV has formed the UplifTV Foundation CLF to manage its not profit and humanitarian efforts under the umbrella of the Capstone Legacy Foundation giving UplifTV third-party oversight and management of all donations and nonprofit legal requirements.


UplifTV Viewers are Faith-Based and Motivated to Hear and Learn & Most Importantly Participate in the programs, documentaries, interviews, news stories, and other new and creative programs that deliver their messages, accomplishments and image branding. By airing and broadcasting nonprofit or social good content, the nonprofits and UN Affiliated organizations can raise financial support, grants and donations from the unique presentation to so many people eager to hear, see, learn and give. AllHumanity Network has access and knowledge of a large number of humanitarian services and projects that do not have access to national television audiences to tell their story and seek funding and exposure. By working together, AllHumanity Network can refer selected nonprofit organizations to UplifTV to help highlight worthwhile and heartfelt causes to a national audience, therefore, helping to maximize everyone's efforts.

About UplifTV: UplifTV is a new and unique television network that features more Christian and inspirational films than any other channel. Uplift's programs are a balanced combination of sermons and stories that include Movies, Documentaries, TV shows and Ministries. Our Mission is to use TV and mass media to share the good news message of God's love and mercy to everyone in the form of stories and sermons, the way Christ communicated 2000 years ago. Uplift's wide variety of Movies and Ministries help fulfill this mission by touching lives with inspirational movies and lifting people higher with impacting sermons.

About AllHumanity Group: AllHumanity Network, is at the nexus of all things humanitarian between NGO's (non-governmental organizations), IGO'S (international governmental organizations) and the charitable/non-profit global mega communities on a single platform providing transparency and accountability in donor fund management, grant management, humanitarian processes and logistics, technology implementation & introduction, humanitarian social networking and unique content gathering & presentation as it pertains to providing humanitarian relief globally.





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  • Bonnie says:

    Rob, this is so exciting! Ive talked with some mutual friends around the world who are interested in helping. Call when you can. Well done, sir!

    April 16, 2018 at 3:34 PM | Permalink

  • Robert says:

    Will do Ms. Welch !!!

    April 17, 2018 at 2:45 AM | Permalink

  • Robert says:


    The collective vision and capabilities of AllHumanity and UpLifTV are truly awe-inspiring; more importantly, the specific actions taken by you and Bob Higley, as well as key leaders in your combined networks, has truly positioned us to measurably improve the Transparency, Accountability & Connectivity of those serving humanitarian needs around the world. These are indeed very exciting days for all of us.

    April 17, 2018 at 6:18 AM | Permalink

  • Ashish says:

    Well done Robert, congratulations. Keep up the great noble work, you have our full support and our own projects too will bring will cover many of the 17 SDGs and help improve lives of millions forever.
    Love & hugs,
    from The SDGs Company team

    April 20, 2018 at 3:48 PM | Permalink


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